Adobe Photoshop CS4 or CS3 where to buy from?

  Roy* 12:28 08 Oct 2009

My daughter would like to have Adobe Photoshop for school work, they use CS3 at school but there’s no low cost school support or anything to buy the software. One option is to buy from click here at £148 which is listed as

‘Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended software delivers all the features in Photoshop CS4, plus new features for working with 3D imagery, motion-based content and more.’

So is that about the going rate or can you get it cheaper? CS3 may be better as it’ll be in line with what she’s using at school however not sure if that’s still available?

Appreciate any tips on alternative places to buy that are cheaper?

  dms_05 12:35 08 Oct 2009

Much cheaper from click here and all you need enter is her name and school address. I've bought various Microsoft items from them (they are Official Microsoft Education Partners) for my grandchildren.

Highly recommended supplier.

  Roy* 12:44 08 Oct 2009

but that's the site I refered to in my link software4students where I previously purchased Office from but as I said Photoshop is £148 plus delivery. So not much cheaper, actually the same, unless I'm missing something obvious?

  dms_05 16:03 08 Oct 2009

Sorry! So many Adobe Student Editions available I mis-read the price list! My experience suggests these guys are as good value as the best elsewhere. However it's still a lot to pay.

  Roy* 16:36 08 Oct 2009

Yeah that's the problem, although no doubt it's cost them a lot to develope and maybe good value? Just want to avoid paying £150 to find out a week later it was available for £50 somewhere? You can download for 30 day trial but trial may not have all the functions?

  GaT7 19:07 08 Oct 2009

eBay perhaps? A related search click here.

Enquire about the software, it's authenticity, etc prior to bidding/buying. A few more (somewhat related) tips in this thread click here. G

  john bunyan 19:15 08 Oct 2009

I have CS4 as I originally had Elements free with a scanner and updated to PS 4 then kept up to date. However, I would have thought for school work, the latest Photoshop Elements (7?) would be perfectly ok and would provide almost everything your daughter needs. I think the full CS4 is over £400, and I doubt if schools would expect parents to go that far!

  Roy* 19:36 08 Oct 2009

Has anyone tried the download trial?

  Roy* 20:13 08 Oct 2009

I've just seen Photoshop CS3 on this site for £30:
click here


Is this genuine or one to avoid?

  GaT7 21:39 08 Oct 2009

Any retailer that doesn't clearly display their trading address & telephone number should be avoided at all costs. I couldn't find either on their website.

They are also trying to hide their true identity & trading address. A domain search click here comes up with the following info:


Finally, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. G

  Roy* 08:52 09 Oct 2009

Thought it looked a bit dodgy, so probably illegal copies of the software?

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