jezzabevan 23:29 08 Oct 2004

As my existing 20GB HD is pretty near full I want to fit an additional HDD, but .... can i? There is an available space but the existing hard drive is the master on a cable the slave of which is my old Zip 100 drive. Other cables are one for a floppy drive and one for a cd/dvd and a CDRW drive. Does this mean that an addtional internal HDD means dispensing with the Zip drive? I could get an external USB 2.0 drive but understand that internals are cheaper??

  ComputerJunky 04:12 09 Oct 2004

if you dont want to get rid of the zip drive buy a ide card and plug it into a free pci slot.
Then you will have room to add another hard drive and keep everything you already have

click here

try this link.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:06 09 Oct 2004

If you look carefully at your motherboard you should see that there are two hdd connectors next to each other. The cd drives use a different interface and have their own connectors on the motherboard. The floppy also has a separate connector.

  DANZIG 08:48 09 Oct 2004

On this subject, is it also possible to buy another hard drive, as my 40 Gb one is getting a touch full, and just plug it straight into a USB port?

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:21 09 Oct 2004

Get an external USB hard drive caddy.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:45 09 Oct 2004

DANZIG - pretty much so if you get the correct one. But you will get more for your money if you get an internal one and install it. Generally speaking there is room for four drives in a typical machine - two hard disk and two optical drives is a usual configuration. If you have 3 or fewer you can install another of your choice.

If going for external, get a USB2 disk - it will be quicker.

  SEASHANTY 15:37 10 Oct 2004

Your M/B will have two ide sockets and each socket will support two drives (master and slave) You have
the Hard Drive and Zip drive on the primary ide and the CD-DVD drive and CDRW on the other (secondary) ide socket. The floppy has its own socket on the M/B.

This means you will need a PCI IDE card which will support another four hard drives. Both Maxtor and Promise make these cards. The only alternative is to
purchase an external USB2 or Firewire drive - which are more expensive than the internal ATA drives.
I think the last Promise PCI IDE card I purchased was around £25. Search around for the cheapest.

  SEASHANTY 15:45 10 Oct 2004

Dabs have a two channel card ( which will support
two hard drives) for £13-99 inc vat + postage.
Should be ideal for what you want. Its also ATA133.
click here

  SEASHANTY 15:51 10 Oct 2004

How to install a second hard disk drive
click here

  jezzabevan 16:13 10 Oct 2004

Thanks for all your helpful comments. I have now taken the plunge, decided to dump the old Zip drive and have bought a new Maxtor 120GB drive from ebuyer. I'll copy/clone my existing disk contents to the new drive (is the Maxblast free software onth emaxtor website good enough to do this or shall I use XXclone which I have already downloaded?) and then use the old 20GB drive as a backup drive.
Seashanty - have taken a quick look at the link you provided re installing a 2nd disk drive, not much mention of XP there, eg no mention of NTFS file system under fdisk/format istructions. Will the information given still hold good for XP?

  georgemac 20:23 10 Oct 2004

looking at the maxtor site the maxbast software package looks like it will do all you need.

Also seems to overcome possible limitations from the bios on hard drive size which can be used and may have been a problem depending on your motherboard - so I would use the maxblast software.

click here seems you have to jumper the new drive as slave, install it, run the maxblast software and follow the instructions to copy your old drive contents to the new drive. Then shutdown, change the jumpers on both hard drives to make the new drive master and the old slave. You will have to change the ide cables also, the master should always be on the end of the cable.

As always, ensure you back up any important data before hand - nothing should go wrong but you never know!

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