Ad-Aware 6 Plus or SE version

  It's Me 12:38 20 Sep 2004

I just get confused. I had Ad-Aware 6. Decided that it was a good idea to have it on watch all the time so I upgraded to the 'Plus' version by paying my £26 which included a CD of the programme. This was in July this year.

Then I read here about Ad-Aware SE being so much better than Ad-Aware 6, so I install that instead of my paid for 'Plus' version. The link from the AdWatch, which is not available in the free version takes you to the same place asa I bought the 'Plus' from.

This suggests that I should really be still be using the 'Plus' version rather than the SE version. Or does it?

Now I read from another thread that Ad-Aware 6 is unlikely to survive much longer, once the take up on SE is large enough. It seems to me that I am 'doomed' with the 'Plus' version or does it?

Does anyone really know where we are at with this please?

  TOPCAT® 14:32 20 Sep 2004

I shouldn't think you have anything to worry about. Once SE has been evaluated you most probably will be able to update to SE Plus or Pro - whatever they call it. Can't promise there won't be a token charge for this though. TC.

  TOPCAT® 15:11 20 Sep 2004

In answer to the question asked below, the Lavasoft moderator states, and I quote:

"Ad-Aware 6, build 181 was released 13/07/03 ... it was offered as a free upgrade from the previous version.

Ad-Aware SE was released on 8/9/04, and it was offered as a free upgrade from 6.181 ..."

This means you should be able to update free of charge. TC.

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  Stuartli 16:39 20 Sep 2004

Ad-aware6 1.81 (gradually upgraded from 1.60) and Ad-aware SE are the free versions of the utility.

The SE Plus and SE Professional versions offer some additional features and are not free.

The basic free version in either case (now SE 1.05 in the latest version) do everything that the majority of home users require.

Ad-aware6 is being provided with updates by Lavasoft but, once SE has built up a large enough user base, then 6 will no doubt be dropped, just as with previous verisons.

All that is required is to regularly update to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  It's Me 16:44 20 Sep 2004

Thank you for your reply.

It would certainly look as though I can upgrade for free. However when I search around I am unable to find how to do it, and I am constantly led to being told that if I am a registered user of SE then I am entitled to the upgrade, which is not what I am on about.

I have now fought through their registration process and posted a message about it on their forum although I am not sure that I have chosen the correct one. I trust that I will receive a reply of some sort soon.

  Stuartli 17:13 20 Sep 2004

Try the Lavasoft support forum:

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  TOPCAT® 18:36 20 Sep 2004

but I am still convinced they were talking about the licensed versions of both products. Please read the Lavasoft messages from the beginning of thread. TC.

  It's Me 15:39 21 Sep 2004

That is very strange. I posted a query about this matter on the Lavasoft support forum Ok, but now when I look for it It doesn't seem to be there. I have not received a reply. I wonder if I am to take it that my question was an embarressment, and it was removed? Paying out £26 only to find, in a matter of a few weeks, that it was a waste of money is not nice at all.

I think that Stuartli is right. V. Annoying.

  It's Me 16:18 22 Sep 2004

I am still confused, but in the interests of tidiness I'll tick the thread as I doubt I'll get further.

  Stuartli 16:27 22 Sep 2004

Your reference was in regard to someone who had thought about purchasing the SE Pro version and how long his subscription would last.

The response from the moderator was that for as long as that version remained active i.e. it could be a year, 15 months or even less than that.

Later responses refer to the free editions of Ad-aware6 and SE.

  Stuartli 16:31 22 Sep 2004

Ad-Watch is not supported in the free editions of Ad-aware.

You can, however, still install and use the majority of the plug-ins from the Lavasoft website.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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