Ad-Aware 2007 - Buyer Beware

  RGME 16:08 07 Jul 2007

Lavasoft, maker of Ad-Aware 2007, has a fine reputation. But all might not be as it seems. Before purchasing Ad-Aware 2007, I highly recommend that this support forum topic 1st be reviewed.
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  rdave13 17:26 07 Jul 2007

It's a shame that this is happening. Been using the free versions for years with no problems.

  spuds 17:55 07 Jul 2007

Been using AdAware for ages with total satisfaction, but the latest version 2007 as caused many problem, especially with trying to download updates. Very sorry to have to say this, but the programme is no longer on my computers. Something is surely amiss with Lavasoft!.

  sunny staines 18:11 07 Jul 2007

an amazing read lavasoft stalling for time while they sort the problem.

shame they cannot communicate better.

  Joe R 18:19 07 Jul 2007

I ditched this software when it was upgraded, and following the forum thread described, I can see why people are upset with Lavasoft.

Shame really, as they have up till now, been a reliable company with market leading software.

  pj123 18:36 07 Jul 2007

I must be the exception. I have Adaware 2007 and have, in fact, just updated it today.

I have not had any problems with it at all.

  rdave13 19:16 07 Jul 2007

Same as you, no problem with the 2007 version or any other previous free versions. It's a pity, though, that they seem to be treating their paying customers in a poor way.

  rdave13 19:40 07 Jul 2007

Just another thought is that I've always found that Adaware always worked well with Avast! antivirus. Sometimes running Adaware would trigger the AV to isolate a certain type of trojan/virus. Maybe it's something to do with compatibility with AV's?

  sunny staines 19:49 07 Jul 2007

using the free version no problems, cannot see the need to get the bought version, no problems with updates.

main problem seems to be registration for those that splashed out a bit of dosh.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 20:21 07 Jul 2007

I have run Ad Aware for some years now with no problem.

They started and kept on e mailing me to tell me my subscription was finished - - - -Oh no it wasn`t, I had 7 months to go. As others I have e mailed them and tried to get an answer. The nearest I get is that they are updating their customer directory, this from their Support site.

The thing that gets "Up my Nose" is all the promises of an update on the 18th of June and onwards and what a wonderful product the new version was, but still no update or anything. I have invested in something else because I feel this is now "Morally Wrong"!! You don`t make promises without making sure you can keep them. The money is not an issue with me now- - I`m just "Fed Up " with them.

Charles :)

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 12:28 10 Jul 2007


I finally dowmloaded the update- -- its nothing spectacular- - - it does have a scheduler on it and thats about it.

I think the other software I bought is better and cheaper
Charles :)

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