Acronis true image is RUBBISH

  m800afc 14:36 10 Apr 2009

I know before I start that I will get a lot of adverse reaction to this post, But here goes.

Acronis True Image us a USELESS PIECE OF JUNK.

It does not do what it claims to do...none of it.

Following good reports from here and elsewhere, and following a computer crash I purchased Acronis TI 10, when it was new. I backed up all my important files, and verified the archives. Everything was perfect. Perfect that is, until I wanted to use the archive I had spent so much time producing. The first indication that something was wrong was when I had need to examine a folder within the archive. TI goes to great pains to point out that individual files and folders can be restored, without the need to restore the whole archive. I opened the target folder to find it was empty! On the properties for the folder, the size was 0 bytes. I examined other folders and every folder was empty. The archive properties indicated that the archive was over 30GB, yet every folder was empty. I tried to restore the archive to a spare drive I had, but TI stated that the archive was corrupt and TI would have to close. I tried to make several more new backups, but in spite of the process averaging 18 hours each, I was never able to create a working archive. I wrote to "Customer support", but did not get a reply for nine weeks, and that was just an auto-respond. Eventually I had an email stating that the time to make an archive depended on the amount of data being backed-up. Very helpful. I have sent many emails to Acronis and have yet to be offered any practical help. Totally fed up with the whole thing I asked for the refund that was "guaranteed" to disappointed customers. I repeated this email several times, and in spite of there being two new versions of TI, I am yet to even get an acknowledgement of my complaint. I eventually gave up ever being able to use this waste of drive space or ever getting a refund.

From the early hours of this morning I have tried to copy my system partition using True Image Home 2009, to see if that is any better. This application clearly states in the help files and the wizards, that you can "Clone any disc or PARTITION to any other disc or PARTITION". This is not the case. You cannot clone a partition to a partition. I tried to clone my system partition, which is 42Gb to a completely empty 75GB drive. The Acronis Wizard failed every time declaring the target drive to be too small. No matter which partition you try to use as a source TI always takes the size to be the size of ALL partitions on the source drive. It fails 100% every time.

I have no doubt that there may well be millions of satisfied customers out there. I also imagine that there will be a significant number of people who are bitter and resentful that such a large organisation such as Acronis singularly fails to address customer service matters of this kind. Had I been attended to properly and obtained a solution to the problems, or at worse a refund, then I would have felt that I had been treated fairly, and not as an invoice number.

The value of the software is such that it is pointless taking matters though a costly legal route, so I will just have to write it off.

So there you have it. Throughout my somewhat one sided correspondance with Acronis I have been a model of restraint, and at no point used intemperate language, that is counter productive. At the moment i am just about holding back a flood tide of invective, because I know it is a family forum...but you can imagine.

Please don't jump on the "It's prolly yer computer that to blame" bandwagon. If that is the case how come Acronis could not offer some (any) practical advice or even answer my emails?

  iscanut 15:12 10 Apr 2009

Sorry to hear of your problems, but "Acronis True Image us a USELESS PIECE OF JUNK." I don't think so. Has behaved perfectly for me over the years and has saved my bacon more than once.

  Kemistri 16:00 10 Apr 2009

I think that there have been plenty of reports of bad experiences with various iterations of True Image. Enough for me to avoid relying on just one imaging application, so I keep backups made by True Image and Paragon's Hard Disk Manager. Both were free, so I might as well use them. Perhaps you might have more success with that software: it's very good and often appears on cover CDs.

  Quiet Life 16:46 10 Apr 2009

XXclone is free and has been 100% reliable in cloning partitions to other partitions which can be made bootable tested and then cloned back if the original system goes wrong.

  Quiet Life 16:49 10 Apr 2009

I forgot to add that Acronis 7 let me down . It would not recognise the drive that I had cloned to. Would not pay any money for it when there are so many good free alternatives

  superhoops 19:11 10 Apr 2009

The one time I needed to restore my C Drive the software kept getting to the part where it says the pc needs tro be restarted only for the desktop to appear after it restarted. I was just going round in circles and gave up after about 5 attempts. I binned the Acronis software and I now use Macrium Reflect but have yet to try to restore the C Drive from it so can not recommend it yet.

  laurie53 08:38 11 Apr 2009

Rather a sweeping statement.

Tens of thousands of people use Acronis every day with no problems.

I appreciate you have had a bad experience, but that doesn't automatically make it rubbish, any more than one Rolls Royce breaking down means they're all rubbish.

  rowdy 09:55 11 Apr 2009

will bother to reply to this.
"Throughout my somewhat one sided correspondance with Acronis I have been a model of restraint, and at no point used intemperate language, that is counter productive"

What a pity that you did not continue and post a simple explanation of your problem and a better description of your computer set up.


  Input Overload 14:25 11 Apr 2009

I've used True Image since series 6 & it is by far the best program out there, it's never let me down once. IMHO MS ought to buy out Acronis & incorporate True Image into Windows. I can't speak highly enough of this program. It is a must have!

  mole44 17:02 11 Apr 2009

I use Ghost 14.0 100% satisfied,had to change from Ghost 9 only because i now have a pc running Vista 64.

  GaT7 17:12 11 Apr 2009

I've tried them all - none are perfect. Something that works well for the majority will be a problem for another small minority. It's just the way it is with these things.

I gave up with most Norton/Symantec products long ago, but Ghost (v10) seems the best with me so far (again not perfect). Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if I tried v14 (as mentioned by mole44 just before me), & it only gave me a hassle! G

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