mbp 09:51 31 Jan 2004

I have searched for a Hard Disk Imager that would suit my skills (not that good), my budget, for simplicity, intuitive program, and easy to use. I mess around a lot on my computer and have a dreaded fear of losing everything some day. I finally decided that Acronis True Image 7.0 is the ideal program for my needs.
Now I have to decide what external media I should use to make the image, without having to invest into a lot of additional gear.I have also probably have to first make Back Up's of all my digital photographs on to CD-R or CD-RW and then delete it on my hard disk, to reduce the amount of data for my disk image.
Any suggestions?

  mbp 11:13 31 Jan 2004

Those wishing to browse, please look at some of the reviews: click here

  ardvarc 12:16 31 Jan 2004

Issue 104 SPR Edition PCA MAG CD has Acronis True Image Deluxe version that requires registration and either a Trial or Demo version of 7.0. I have just received the Mag in todays post so haven't read it yet.

  mbp 13:04 31 Jan 2004

I believe the Delux version is a good one to cut your teeth on. I also think that the upgrade to TI.7 has a discount element in it from this route. I tried to go that route, but I suppose I was impatient and premature and paid the full price, but that is OK because I think that I will like this program and will stick with it. I am now reviewing my Hard disk to see if I can rearrange my data to advantage before I make copies. Would like to hear your comments on the program in due time.

  david4637 13:38 31 Jan 2004

I use Acronis Deluxe all the time(free some months ago on PCA cover disc)it is very good providing you do not want to back up to CDRs. This is the deficient part of what is an excellant program. Back up to another HD or the same HD on a different partition and its brilliant. David

  dotterel 14:57 31 Jan 2004

I decided to do a clearout of unwanted files before doing a thorough backup. No prizes, I accidentally deleted a load of stuff I wanted to keep. Do some sort of backup now (CDs are cheap enough) and check that these can be read on another machine. Then do a nice tidy set of backups. I speak from bitter experience...

  mbp 16:13 31 Jan 2004

So far, My Hard disk has 11 Gb data on it, that would take quite a few CD's. My Drive F: is a second HD that I have in the machine but that is only 8GB so it is either cleaning out some junk that I do not use, or using compression (of which I am not so sure about when it comes to using the Back Up again. So until I read up about it, I will just have to delay operations.)
I'd be pleased for any advice about compression in NTFS format, and what to do when you have to install. I know that what I need is a DVD writer or an external HD but it will be a long time before I could afford such luxuries.

  Sheila-214876 16:45 01 Feb 2004

I use the free version of Acronis True Image given away on a cover disk. It didn't work very well on CD/RW disks but works perfectly on CDRs. I tried CD/RWs first because they could be overwritten everytime. My backup takes 5 CDRs plus 1 CDR for the Startup. It means 6 new CDRs everytime you do a backup, but at 18p to 20p a disk it has to be worth it.

  mbp 20:37 01 Feb 2004

ennuye, do you have a very new computer because you can get by with only 5 CDs, or are you using maximum compression. I seem to have 7 times more data at the moment on my Hard disk. That is why I have to plan for incremental type images because I will use normal imaging.

  The Spires 22:18 01 Feb 2004

I found True Image backs up you page file, my page file (Swop file) is around a gig set by windows, it only takes a moment to re-enable the page file after a restore. As I have a gig of ram temporally deleting the page file before doing the back up enables it to fit on a single DVD with little compression. However deleting the page file with less than half a gig of ram can cause problems.

  Sheila-214876 11:36 02 Feb 2004

I have a fairly new computer. I has an 80gb hard drive partitioned into 4 x 20gb. I have only used Acronis to back up C: as that contains my O/S and all applications. The other 3 are used for files, documents, photo's etc., and one partition has only music tracks, which, once they are on CD get deleted regularly. My personal files are backed up to CD/RWs daily. My C: drive has only been backed up once so far, because not very much changes on it. As far as compression goes I don't know, I just did what Acronis told me to do and I ended up with 5 CDRs and 1 Boot CD. Hopefully, if I ever have to do a restore it will work.

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