Acronis-Its A Strange Product.

  Big L 266 09:07 24 Jul 2010


I've often read about Acronis and have asked in the Helproom of its merits to my computing life.I decided to go for the trial download to see if it works and whether or not it was for me.

I downloaded the trial version with no problem but having done so, I noticed it had turned off the majority of my Norton security suite including my firewall and anti-virus. I tried to reset the Norton but it wouldn't reset.

I also noticed it had reset my WinAmp Pro and Asus Xonar soundcard to default settings and it took a while to reset them to how I had configured them.That was a scary moment for me but at least I could do the resets with the Acronis still in the computer.

I suspect there has to have been some kind of conflict with the Acronis, Norton, WinAmp Pro and Asus Xonar.I then did a swift quick clean uninstall of the Acronis and reset the Norton and all was well again in my computer.

I did get to look at the various screenshots of the Acronis before uninstalling but it seems very complicated to work. I'm sure the good people at Acronis spent a fair fortune creating what seems to be a superb product,but with the unexpected conflicts,I didn't have the time to see its potential benefits.

Have you had similar problems with this product and how were they resolved?

Big L 266

  sunnystaines 10:22 24 Jul 2010

looks like its norton ghost if you have w7 if you have xp use the free macrium reflect

click here

  bjh 10:32 24 Jul 2010

No, in about five years of using it on many machines, I have never had any kind of conflict such as you describe. Not one.

It might be worth a second go ...

  sunnystaines 10:50 24 Jul 2010

I have had similar problem where Iobit software switched off norton [with xp only not w7] each time the pc booted up.

contacted norton about it back in the beta testing, they seem uninterested in fixing the issue despite a new build recently.

what worries me if various software turns off norton in error how long will it be before hackers take advantage of the bug.

  Wuggy 11:36 24 Jul 2010

I've got to say that Acronis TrueImage has saved my bacon more times than I care to remember. Whether it be saved to a partion on the same drive, another internal drive or an external drive makes no difference. About 10 to 15 minutes later I'm back in Windows with a fully functioning system. I have noticed that the more recent versions are a wee, and I mean wee, bit more complicated but, all in all, it's a very simple program to set up, make an image and restore an image. You don't even need to install it on your hard drive. Just insert the CD in the drive, boot from it and create your image. Do the same when you need to restore.

  RGB76 14:39 24 Jul 2010

Macrium Refect FRree works just fine with Windows 7 and it`s only £20 for the full version.

  Big L 266 14:50 24 Jul 2010


It was very odd that this fine product used by so many would act this way in Vista Home Premium.I wasn't expecting this to happen but sadly it did which was somewhat annoying. I was looking forward to working out how to best use it and copy to all my three external hard drives.

It is indeed quite a scary though that this product managed to turn my Norton off along with my WinAmp and Asus. I'm sure some lowlife will exploit this problem to their advantage if the problem isn't resolved soon.

Wuggy....I downloaded the 30 day fully-functional trial version from the Acronis website which was easy enough to do.I didn't have a cd to work with just a very fast download. I wanted it for the same reasons as you but on the basis of my download it clearly didn't work for me.I think I will contact Acronis about this in the hope it might help iron out some problems.

I'm not going to attempt a further download of this product though and am happy to have three full backups and original installation discs to work from.

A strange time indeed.

All the best.

Big L 266

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