Acer, is this usual.

  bapiow 15:13 04 Jul 2006

Acer/Esplex have had my 19 inch monitor in for repair for 9 weeks now, with no indication of when I will get it back.
So I was informed today.
They have had it longer than I have!!
Is this a record? or is this normal for Acer?

  rezeeg 15:49 04 Jul 2006

bapiow if you search through the site you will find similar complaints about Acer.

However, when I had to return my laptop to them they estimated three weeks - it took four. No complaints from me.

  oresome 16:44 04 Jul 2006

A repair should be carried out within a reasonable period of time and without causing you significant inconvenience.

I don't think 9 weeks could be described as reasonable. Speak to the retailer and ask for a replacement or your money back.

  bapiow 17:43 04 Jul 2006

Have been down that road, nobody is interested.
Phoned CET[UK]LTD, where I first purchased the monitor, surprise ( am I ) nobody there at the moment to deal with it
Have been advised to go to the small claims court by T/Standards. So I have got all the necessary info today.
Citizen advise said they would help me sort this out,whatever that entails.
Never done this before, all new to me.

  spuds 18:29 04 Jul 2006

A number of points want clearing up, to perhaps provide a more precise answer.

1) The monitor was purchased from CET(UK)LTD. When did you purchase it.Was there a warranty, if so, for how long, and who provided the warranty. Did CET(UK)LTD instruct you to contact Acer/Esplex, or did you make the contact direct, without consulting the seller.

2)When you say "nobody there at the moment to deal with it". What do you actually mean!.

Give a little more relevant information, and perhaps further advice will be available. Taking someone to the small claims court, is not necessarily the route to follow. Why did the Trading Standards suggest this, and how was it that the CAB got involved.

  bapiow 18:57 04 Jul 2006

CET(UK)LTD advised me to get in touch with Acer.
Can't tell you why CET(UK)LTD said what they said.
Will call them again later.
Warranty 3 years with Acer.
That is what Trading Standards suggested I do If I did not get any response from either Acer or CET(UK)LTD.
Asked CAB for there advise and guidance, not involved officially, just call to in if in any doubt.
Other than try to answer you questions, what do you suggest I do, because having wrote a letter to both companies over a week ago and not had any replies, I don't know what else I can do.
Advise would be welcome.
Purchased the monitor on the 12/03/2006. Acer/Esplex has had it for 9 weeks to date, and rising.

  spuds 23:52 04 Jul 2006

The advice that I would offer.

CET (UK)LTD are the retailer of the product, and as such (under consumer law) they are responsible for issuing a full refund, replacement or repair. As the monitor is less than four months old, then consumer law suggests that the item was faulty from day one, and as such, it is for the retailer to prove otherwise. It would have been your decision, as to what you wanted, and not the retailer forcing their decision on you. After six months, the terms change slightly, and it would be for you to prove the item is/was faulty, and the retailer would have a little more say on the issue. Whatever the case, consumer law will cover you for at least one year, and possibly up to six years on certain items.

CET (UK)LTD took the usual action, which retailers do nowadays. They have referred you to the manufacturer, as this is usually the quickest route for a swap-out arrangement. A swap-out arrangement, usually consists of the manufacturer sending a replacement within a few days (some manufacturers will do this within 24/48 hours), and at the same time picking up the faulty unit. A swap-out could be a refurbished unit, equivalent to or better than the unit that is being replaced. Customer monitor repairs are virtually unknown nowadays, as the swap-out arrangement are far better for all parties.

Doe's the warranty state the terms and conditions, as to whether a repair or swap-out will be arranged. When arrangements for collection was made, who paid for this,who arranged this, and what was actually stated about returns.

A word of warning. If CET(UK)LTD instructed you to contact the manufacturer direct. Then I would suggest that you had this in writing, because it may effect your claim slightly, if you went direct yourself without proof of the retailers instructions.

Nine weeks waiting is totally unacceptable, and I would suggest that you write to CET(UK)LTD, Acer and the repair company.Get the CAB to draft a letter for you. They should have sample documents for this type of thing. Make a point as to what you actually want, and give a precise time scale for them to comply.Don't delay any longer, otherwise this is going to drag on even further.

If you have paid by credit card or monitor/computer loan finance, then think about informing the credit card or finance company. They have equal liability under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act to help resolve this issue.

Hope this proves helpful, and the advice that I have offered makes sense to you.

  bapiow 07:53 05 Jul 2006

Spuds. thanks for your advice.
I have now sent both party's another letter (recorded this time ).
Will have to wait for response, if any.
I have now purchased a new 19 inch monitor, which I am very pleased with ( not Acer )
Put this episode down to experience.

  spuds 09:43 05 Jul 2006

It would be nice if you can offer further information, regarding your actual warranty supplied with the monitor, and how were the arrangements made for collection and repair.Did you ask for a new monitor or refund for instance.

The reason that I ask for this information, is due to what would appear to be Acer's methods of aftercare. Which seems to have many negative responses, in this and other forums, plus general media reports. Any information that you can supply (leading up to the event)may help other people in similar circumstances.

If you think this request is seeking any confidential information,which you would not like to discuss, then please ignore my request.But as suggested your problem may help others now or at a later stage.

  bapiow 15:25 12 Jul 2006

Update on my 19 inch monitor I sent to Esplex for repair.
Acer/Esplex has now decide to replace my monitor with a new one.
Not all my doing though!

  spuds 15:33 12 Jul 2006

bapiow---"Not all my doing though"-Sounds interesting, do you want to enlighten our curiosity!.

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