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  satchef1 16:13 25 May 2006

I bought a new laptop for going to university back in September and in February i started to notice that the casing on the lid was cracking. I phoned up Acer's repair centre to report the fault and request a repair and they refused to come and pick it up with the excuse of "We can't deal with halls of residence, you need a private address." So, when I returned home at easter I sent it off for repair. 2 weeks later a bill for £100 comes through the post, I phoned them up to complain as the laptop was still in warranty and got told that the extent of the damage voided the warranty.
I gave in and payed the bill because i really needed the laptop back quickly (Im studying Computer Science had 3 coursework deadlines looming + exams.) At this point I was told the repair would take 2 weeks. After not hearing from them at the end of that 2 weeks i phone them up to ask when the laptop would be returned and was told they were still waiting on parts (another week!). So again, i phone them up to ask when theyre delivering it, and got told it was being repaired that day and should be with me by the end of last week (19/5). Last Friday i gave them a phone to ask where it was and got told that they had forgotten to order a part and that it will be another 2 weeks!

Has anyone else had a similar problem with Acer? Anything I can do about it, other than never buying an Acer product again (and wishing i hadnt in the first place)?

  Forum Editor 20:26 25 May 2006

of bad customer service over the years, but an admission that after an already considerable delay a company "had forgotten to order a part" is both disarmingly frank and disgracefully inefficient.

I'm interested in Acer's comment that the extent of the damage voided the warranty, because that's actually a rather meaningless statement. Regardless of the manufacturer's warranty you are protected by consumer legislation, and if the cracks in the case are symptomatic of a design or manufacturing fault you are protected by both the warranty and the law.

Can you provide more information about the cracking - where exactly on the lid is it, and how big are the cracks?

  DrScott 20:46 25 May 2006

is universely acknowledged as being rubbish. Repairs always take longer than they say, and the reasons are many and varied.

I had a few problems with my first laptop from them which was damaged by my friend pouring a hot drink over it. It took around 8 weeks to get it back and (an entirely acceptable) bill - still, paying for a repair that took quite so long is somewhat galling. To further add to the trauma, the HDD they replaced it with was half size, so I had to send it back yet again for an original spec sized HDD.

My latest laptop was DOA (fan was bust) and they offered to repair it within 3 days. To be fair, it only took a week to get it back, though it didn't look quite as prisitine as when I sent it to them. But in this recent case, I was relatively pleased with their service.

I would certainly dispute this £100 bill they sent you regarding 'too many cracks'. Consumer law protects you above and beyond any warranty, though you may have problems proving you didn't drop the computer. click here may help you with your cause.

  rmcqua 10:17 26 May 2006

I really sympathise with you on this one. It sounds like horrible customer service, especially your £100 "extent of the damage" bill.
If Acer want to continue to build on their reputation for good features and value for money, they will need to address this customer support issue. Word gets around!

  spuds 10:55 26 May 2006

Just put 'Acer' in the search box, and some surprising results on that company and the repair situation will be available!.

  ade.h 16:55 26 May 2006

It sounds shoddy, quite frankly, to say the least. It is at these times that the finer points of a warranty become of increased importance. I'm thankful that I bought a laptop that was marketed heavily as a business tool, because apart from little bonuses in the spec, it brought with it a better than standard warranty. Still 1 year in length, but I know that it will be handled very well and turned around very quickly should the worst happen.

  bapiow 17:01 29 May 2006

Yet more problems with my Acer monitor.
I have just got my monitor back from Esplex after a month, first time it was sent back for excessive backlight bleed, they said they had repaired it.
I was told the panel was replaced.
I think not because the dead pixel I had is in exactly the same place.
Now the LED power light has stopped working, looks like I will have to wait another month before I get it back.

  juniorsplat 15:07 14 Jan 2007

I ordered a laptop from them in october and it arrived and didn't work so I sent it back.
Firstly, they gave me the wrong case ID number so it got lost.
Secondly, they said that it would take 3 days to repair. It is still there now in January.
thirdly, I am "waiting for spare parts" and will just have to hope I have more luck although I find this highly unlikely from the sevice so far.

This is not encouraging!

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