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  Sir Radfordin 17:40 22 Jan 2004

It would be very easy to start this posting with words that would upset the FE so I'll try and be good ;)

Rang Acer Notebooks Direct (click here which wasn't working at time of order) on Tuesday at about 16:30 and got a quote for a laptop. Rang back about 17:30 to order with Next Day Delivery which I knew would be Thursday. All very easy.

Thursday has come (and now gone) and I've sat at home doing not a lot waiting for said laptop. Got to about 16:00 and I thought I would ring them to see if the delivery would be made (and see if I could find out who the courier was). Was then told there had been a problem with the card (apparently 2 identical addresss don't match).

They explained that if there was a problem with payment processing they sent the customer an email. I pointed out to them they didn't have my email address (only because they had never asked for it!). Said there wasn't much they could do but they went to speak to the bank. I rang Barclaycard who told me the funds had been 'taken' and there was no problem. Rang Acer Notebooks Direct back to be told they still couldn't do anything. Told them then to cancel the order.

Needing the laptop by tomorrow rang a local company that I knew 'may be good' but had never heard much about - this was at 17:00 today. They told me not only could they get the laptop in for tomorrow but they could also give a better price. Gave same credit card details and hoped it would work. It didn't but they rang back and I could give different details.

So my advice to you is think very carefully about using Acer Notebooks Direct (Technoworld may be a better option) and think about testing the local people. It was a firm called 3d-computers (click here) who have solved the problem for me.

And if you are reading this just because its about Acer then apparently they have one of the best spec:price ratios around.

Rant over...didn't I do well ;)

  Buachail Mór 08:44 15 Feb 2004

Intereseting as I am in the market for a new laptop and looked at TechnoWorld's Acer stock and I will give them a ring in the morning and see what they can quote me.

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