Acer Laptops - Are they OK.?

  Whaty 13:43 09 Mar 2005

I am trying to help someone buy a Laptop and I've seen a couple of Acer models that seem to meet their criteria for a very reasonable price.

There are a couple of Acer models in the 1300 (low £600) series and a couple in the 1600 (mid to high £600) series.

Can anyone recommend Acer.?

Would anyone advise me not to buy an Acer.?

Are there better alternatives in the 'up to £750' price range.?

As always, any advice would be gratefully received..

  Diodorus Siculus 13:48 09 Mar 2005

Pretty good machines - do a search in consumerwatch (try the search on the left hand side) and you will get lots of threads.

  spuds 16:33 09 Mar 2005

Staple/Office World are doing special deals with Acer laptops at the moment. Specification look okay, and the price reduction seem very favourable.

But before you consider, do what DS as suggested and do a search. Acer seems a good product, but seems to fail a little on their after sales service and support, according to some forum quotes.

  ste_bla 17:09 09 Mar 2005

Got a Lappy April 03 from

While in NZ:
Dec 03 HDD failed and was replaced (one of those things)

Feb 04 HDD failed and keyboard broke as i droped the laptop while it was open EKK! They replaced both for free (my fault)!!!

Today back in UK:
2 days ago partner dropped it and cracked the screen and power surply phoned them up to see how much to repair and they said all labour under warranty and cost price for power supply and case v impressed as our (well partners) fault!

Oh and then needing a repair they have their own courier with free pick up/return! V impressed!

  ste_bla 17:11 09 Mar 2005

Oh and i think they are great value for money and come with CD's to put on the OS again in under 30 mins!

Oh and if you go to somewhere like you can buy 3 yr warranty for £99 i believe!

  Dipso 22:01 09 Mar 2005

or for £84.53 from click here

I have the Travelmate 292LMi which I bought from Staples at New Year for £599.

  Whaty 12:58 10 Mar 2005

Thank you for all your replies... They do seem to offer good value for money, especially if you shop around a little...!

Thanks again, Terry

  Ranger 21:29 10 Mar 2005

support is c*** with a capital C

  George Smiley 14:13 11 Mar 2005

I bought a cheap £500-600 lappy from Acer last year to cover the period when my desktop was in storage for 6 months house build/move (a Travelmate WiFi 292). It has worked fine and I was impressed with the delivery (within 14hrs of the order at standard price). Some of the cheaper Acer models seem to run XP in a shell above a system designed for Win98/NT. However, they still work fine. No experience of the pricier Acer models. I would have thought that if you get into the £750+ bracket you could buy better...

  SuperCharlie 21:11 03 Apr 2005

Customer service is absolutely terrible!

My girlfriend has been waiting (and calling and writing) for a repair to an increasingly noisy PC since October.

However, I have been happy with my Acer laptop. Bottom line- good specs for the price, but don't expect any support. At all.


  pauldonovan 21:53 03 Apr 2005

...although I wouldn't necessarily order a laptop from Comet, my father did so for my sister to go to uni with and they paid for the warranty (including accidental damage) and she has had to use it at least once.

She spilled coffee over the keyboard, sent it off and got it back fixed about a week later.

It has been a great laptop, but i believe the warranty may well be with Comet rather than Acer...not sure about that.

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