Acer laptop - wrong adaptor?

  longwhatton34 12:17 06 Jul 2010

I bought my Acer 6530G from at the end of July 09. Last week it was failing to charge, so I returned it to Acer in Plympton for repair. Having called them for an update, they are alleging that the adaptor I sent with the laptop is the incorrect one (60W as opposed to the 90W one it should have been). I assured them it was the one I received with the laptop, in the sealed original box, and even if it was the incorrect adaptor, that is not my fault and the error must lie with their packing department or whatever, so I would not be paying for them to sort it. Where do I stand?

  HondaMan 12:56 06 Jul 2010

Your initial contact should be with as they sold you the computer. Write to them, explaining as you have done, and ask for their comments and proposals. Quite honestly, it's not worth a long argument as a new supply would almost certainly be less than £50 from click here

  spuds 19:57 06 Jul 2010

Consumer Direct click here

As previously stated, your complaint is with the original retailer. Take the problem up with them.

  dms_05 09:33 07 Jul 2010

click here

At that price it's not worth bothering about.

  robin_x 12:02 08 Jul 2010

I worked for a service centre for a good few years and eventually became a manager.

(Cable welding stuff)

We also mixed up items the customers sent us for repair, or lost accessories. Silly stuff like a power cord for instance.

Within the first few weeks/months we realised we had a problem.

Our attitude was always Customer is Right. Even when they were not. Sometimes they would accuse of losing a power cord when they never sent it in the first place

But we bent over backwards to sort out problems and replace stuff free of charge.

I also wrote a database to log everything. (outside software companies wanted £20K to do that)

End result, we came to dominate our market in UK and Europe.

You won't know the name and I can't say online.
But your BB is partly thanks to our efforts.

I still remain convinced Customer Service is Top Priority for any company.

Last Resort...invoke the Sale of Goods Act

click here

  longwhatton34 17:34 09 Jul 2010

Rang them this afternoon after receiving the same quote through the post. After I shouted at them on Tuesday they 'escalated' the issue and have decided to replace my adaptor FOC. Too many people just accept that they have to pay for things; my problem with them wasn't the cost but the principle - it's not my fault they supplied the wrong adaptor with my laptop, it's theirs. In summary - all you people ready to accept what you're told, just keep paying. Who's the mug?

  spuds 19:25 09 Jul 2010

"Who's the mug?"

As previously stated, Acer were not responsible for sorting out the problem (it was, and could have insisted that they would not replace the adapter.

Had they done that, then you would have been the mug, with nothing to fall back on. Shouting could have also brought tragic results in resolving problems, but as it was Acer came to your rescue, and deserves praise.

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