Acer Laptop from Comet - what customer service?

  pinkbluecat 00:10 07 Aug 2008

I bought an Acer laptop from Comet about 18 months ago. The screen just went blank when I was using it. I have tried to contact Comet and have quoted the Sale of Goods Act in that it should be of satisfactory quality and should be expected to last more than 18 months. They said that the warranty period of one year is considered suitable and that my issue is with Acer. I have told them that my contract is with them as the trader but still no joy - has anyone else had any problems with Acer laptops and the screen going blank - I am pushing Comet to get it inspected but I don't want to be fobbed off by them telling me that I have overused it or something?

  day2strike 06:18 07 Aug 2008

Sadly most laptops only come with a 1 year warranty unless you pay for an extended one covering years 2 &3.
It may be worth writing to Comet Headquarters or Acer to see what their view is on the matter, or you could take it up with trading standards or bbc watchdog?

  oldbeefer2 08:12 07 Aug 2008

Don't think you have a leg to stand on if the warranty is only for a year. Why else would anyone spend money on an extended warranty?

  jack 09:12 07 Aug 2008

'Blankness' We may able to help with a diagnosis that will tell you what is wrong exactly this giving you a little more leverage- perhaps may be..

1. When operating from battery alone does the machine 'fire up'- that is lights come on- drives whir?
2. As above on mains alone?

3. If yes take a sideways look at the Screen can you see 'shadow' images? -If the answer is yes to 1,2,3 then this indicates the back light has gone and is an easy if pricey repair.

If the answer to 1 and 2 is no then it is a power supply problem- which may be the power supply 'brick' that simply needs replacement.

If the answer to 1 and2 is yes may also be a simple connector problem between screen and body of the computer or a component[inverter] failure.

The thing to do then is to run the tests and make
a list similar to the above and contact Acer Support with full purchase details- They I am sure come up with a suitable answer

Thius rule applys to purches- dont simply go a seller slap on a counter and 'Say it dont work - money back'
Do the tests and provide a cogent list of possibilities.

  pinkbluecat 09:56 07 Aug 2008

There is still power to the laptop - its still making all its usual noises! I can't see a shadow on the screen although the screen did seem to be getting gradually a bit darker over the last few weeks.

  jack 10:05 07 Aug 2008

If possible [with the help of a friend] connect the lap top to an external Monitor.
Now what happens? Fully functioning?
If yes, it is a screen connection/inverter problem

If can whittle it all down to a possible or even positive indicator-of the likely fault - Acer support will advise the next move

  pinkbluecat 10:10 07 Aug 2008

- your help is very much appreciated.

  PalaeoBill 10:11 07 Aug 2008

I have found Acer to be fairly reasonable in the past, although I was a business customer.
I would try writing to them. Adam Westley is the UK Marketing manager.

Head Office
Acer UK Limited
Acer House
Heathrow Boulevard III
282 Bath Road
West Drayton

Explain that you consider a laptop should last more than 18 months of normal use, it has never been abused etc. you expected so much more from Acer and you would be most grateful if he could authorize a repair for you as you have been unable to get Comet to do anything. Be nice; if you have used Acer equipment before without any problems say so. It is in his interest to help you, r.e. the free marketing he will get by making you happy.

  dms_05 09:44 08 Aug 2008

I've found Acer service to be excellent but as I wanted to have more than 12 months cover I took out Acers own 3 year extension for under £50.

I agree with others, the accepted warranty period in the UK is 12 months and after that the retailer has discharged his responsibility. If you feel the problem is unreasonable then you should contact Acer direct. And as it says 'be polite'.

If you get out of warranty service for free I will ask Acer to refund my £45 for my extended warranty cover.

  ForestChav 15:30 12 Aug 2008

I agree with others, the accepted warranty period in the UK is 12 months and after that the retailer has discharged his responsibility. If you feel the problem is unreasonable then you should contact Acer direct. And as it says 'be polite'.

That is incorrect.

The Sale of Goods Act states that goods should last for a reasonable time after purchase. The goods are supplied with a 1 year warranty by the manufacturer as an optional extra during which time the manufacturer pays for any repairs needed.

This does not mean the goods should only last a year. I wouldn't expect a cheap laptop to run for much more than 2 years but I would expect it to last longer than 1.

After the warranty runs out you still have your legal rights under SOGA with the RETAILER but no further responsibilities with the MANUFACTURER when the warranty expires.

It's not Acer you need to deal with, it's Comet.

  Stuartli 22:19 13 Aug 2008

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