Acer Laptop ? Brickbats and Bouquets

  chuds 16:38 12 Jun 2003

This a long one, so please bear with me!
The problem started in February of this year when we purchased an Acer 1403LC laptop (15? screen 512mb ram, 40gig HD, DVD/CDRW combo, XP Home).
The machine was purchased from a local authorised Acer reseller with whom we have a long-standing relationship.
The machine arrived was plugged in turned on and promptly crashed with a BSOD and restarted itself.
Not a good start, various problems of this nature continued after this date, crashes, reboots, recoveries from serious system errors etc.
So, I installed SP1, no joy. Ran windows update and updated the system ? no joy ? except the usb mouse stopped working.
So next step was to use the restore disks which uses Norton Ghost to put the machine back to its factory state, no problems to do just takes tine and guess what on the first boot after this BSOD and recovery from a serious system error.
So, I returned the laptop to the reseller and they had it for a week and it managed to crash on them three times with the same problems in five days and so off to Acer.
Ten days later the laptop comes back with technicians report saying that they had run Memtest and there were no problems with the machine at all.
So we turned it on and?. It got to the welcome to windows screen and then a BSOD appeared for about two seconds the system rebooted itself twice and then recovered from a serious system error.
After that it seemed stable and would cheerfully start and shut down quite happily, unless it had been of for more than three or four hours and then the same again, BSOD, reboot, reboot, serious system error.
So I called Acer and explained the situation, again, and arranged another collection and repair.
Of went the machine and I waited and waited and waited and then I called Acer and spoke to a charming and helpful lady named Catrina who promised to call me back with details of what was happening. She did, all be it the next day and the machine had not been looked at as yet, but would be dealt with that day.
It arrived back two days later and they had changed the mainboard and there were no problems with it, at least that is what the engineer?s report said.
Okay, it did boot into Windows and did not crash, unless you wanted to shut it down or restart it in which case? BSOD and three reboots this time.
So, yet again on the phone to Acer and explained again that they still had not fixed it and I was starting to get more than annoyed with their attempts. Strangely enough, there two minidump error reports in C:\Windows\Minidump form when Acer had the machine in their control one from the day before and there was still nothing wrong with it.
Catrina apologised, again, and said she would sort it out. She did I would get a replacement laptop.
Fine, I did three days later. Whoops a lower specification than the one I originally had. Higher CPU, smaller screen, memory and hard drive.
Back on the phone and fax again ? Catrina left last week ? bargain so all through the story with another customer advisor after being on hold for thirty minutes, now I start to get terse and slightly sarcastic.
New guy ? Andrew says he will look into it and call me back ? he does five hours later and guess what I am getting another laptop ? that will make three now.
Andrew called me yesterday it should arrive today and TADA it has.
I now have: Travelmate 435Lci- Pentium 4 3.06ghz, 512md Sdram. 60 gig hard drive, combo DVD/CDRW, firewire, wireless LAN, usb 2.0 and 15? screen a superb machine all for no extra cost. Shame it belongs to my MD.
The moral ? give the suppliers and manufacturers a chance, be polite, get their names and direct line numbers, keep notes of all conversations and follow them up where possible with faxes or e-mails that state what has been agreed or what the problems are and what has been agreed between you and the other party.
Most important of all again be polite, and give them a chance.
For my part a lot of time and effort by me went into this, and I would use Acer again and recommend them to someone else.

  bda72 08:16 16 Jun 2003

I am looking at an Acer travelmate 800 series and although you had problems it is good to know they have managed to put a smile on your face in the end. Only thing I would say, would it not of been better to reject the laptop in the first place as soon as a problem arose, i'm a bit funny that way but if I get the smallest problem right at the start of it's life i'm not interested in a repair on a brand new machine but good to hear you got there in the end.

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