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  penningtonART 17:41 01 Sep 2008

After making an initial enquiry on a repair of my Acer Aspire Ides 500, I was told that £53.13 charge would have to be made to investigate the fault. Of this charge, the advisor said this included postage to and from my premises and that they would call me with the results of the investigation to give me the option of repair or return of goods. At this point, the advisor insisted that he take my Credit Card details to initiate the Case ID Number, taking £53.13

Four days later I rang the same parts number to order a Power Supply, which was the problem and therefore did not need the service mentioned above. This was indicated by phone and in my email to the company on 24th July. ( On ringing, your company also states that it records these telephone conversations ).

Having received my Halifax Credit Card Statement, the company has withdrawn the full amount of £53.13. Having not used this service as your email states ‘ I rang to claim a refund. Acer then told me that an Administration Fee of £18.13 would be retained.

As a valued customer of Acer products over the years, and in light of purchasing a power supply from them (4 days later), I feel that this charge is unjustified. There was no mention at any point during phone conversations or emails that I would face this charge.

Has anybody else been stung like this?


David Pennington

  spuds 19:41 01 Sep 2008

What reason have they given for charging £18.13 as an administration fee. What service was provided!.

  jack 19:50 01 Sep 2008

who would then charge for every response- wanted or not.If this is not apparent in any information on contacting them it is worth peruing them through your credit card company as an unauthorized charge.

  tabs59 22:25 25 Nov 2008

I bought an Acer L320 which worked fine until it failed to boot up 12 months to the day that I bought it. I have heard online of similar problems people have had with this model failing around the end of warranty time.

Curry's were very reluctant to do anything about it and suggested I took it to an independent repairer. My local PC repair shop wouldn't touch it, as it was a mini tower and difficult to work on, so be warned. I contacted Acer and they wanted £58 just for the courier to collect it and they couldn’t promise a repair! What happened to customer service? Even when I told Curry’s I worked In the ICT dept at Southport College advising hundreds of students on PC’s and where to buy them….no interest from Curry’s….I was frankly baffled!

My solution is no more Acer and no more Curry's! I am spreading the word, so other people don't get caught out.

  curofone 22:30 25 Nov 2008

Depending how long ago all this happened you might still be covered by the Sales of Good Act as the it states that anything brought must last a reasonable amount of time, and although that time is not specified for a pc it tends to be a lot longer that 1 year so if you actually talk to DSGi's (currys) customer service department and threaten legal action they will normally do something about it.

  Forum Editor 07:06 26 Nov 2008

advising them to avoid a manufacturer or supplier, based on a single bad experience. By all means tell us about your own experiences, but leave it to others to decide who they buy from

  Covergirl 19:01 05 May 2010

for a couple of years now - no problems yet.

A friend of mines daughters card slot malfunctioned and after a phone call it was posted, fixed and received back in PWO.

I won't be avoiding them thanks.

If all the happy customers posted, there'd be little room for anything else on here.

  dms_05 09:25 06 May 2010

I've owned Acer equipment for many years and on the occasions I've needed warranty support they have been extremely helpful and very efficient. I recommend Acer to friends and continue to buy their equipment myself.

One point worth noting is the do well priced 3 year warranty deals for their computers. The last laptop I bought was covered for £39. Don't ever buy the stores own (expensive) cover when the manufacturer offers such good deals. In Acer case the cover includes 24 hour delivery to and from their repair facility.

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