Acer Al2032WM monitor-unusual resolution?

  housechurchesuk 16:54 20 Jul 2005

ACER AL2032WM Monitor

I am proposing to buy this award winning monitor mainly because it sports a DVI input and also a scart socket. It is 20" widescreen and has an unusual resolution of 1,680 x 1,050. My present NVIDIA GeForce2MX doesn't support this resolution. How will this affect my viewing, or am I missing something?

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:25 20 Jul 2005

If you stick with your existing graphics card you will not be able to view this monitor at it's best. An lcd/tft monitor only works correctly at it's native resolution, 1680x1050 in your case. At any other setting the image is likely to appear blurred and text will not appear correctly. Your only solution, if you must buy this monitor, is to buy a new graphics card that does support the resolution you want.

  housechurchesuk 11:41 21 Jul 2005

This is what I suspected.

  bapiow 13:04 21 Jul 2005

If you plan to go ahead purchasing an Acer Monitor I would strongly suggest reading all forums first.

I will shortly be taking Acer to a small claims court over the poor service and lack of response from Acer Plymouth repair centre.
Sent my Acer monitor back 3 weeks ago, no one knows when I will get it back.

  housechurchesuk 14:35 21 Jul 2005

I take note. Thanks.

  bapiow 09:15 24 Jul 2005

To my utter surprise a brand new Acer TFT 19inch monitor turned up on my doorstep on Friday 22nd at 12 pm.
That was two days after sending letter of complaint to Acer's head office.
No notification by phone or mail.
That's a result I didn't expect.
What can I say.

  housechurchesuk 11:18 24 Jul 2005

I did write BLESSINGS! remember?

  Dave'o 13:23 27 Jul 2005

Did you find a graphics card which can support the resolution?

  housechurchesuk 16:00 27 Jul 2005


Not yet. But I am having a complete rethink about choice of monitor. I want something that has all the video inputs including scart, would support HDTV with HDCP compliance DVI. Would be about 20" and would be good for both TV/Video and PC use.
Any suggestions?


  Dave'o 08:44 28 Jul 2005

There is the Acer 3201W for around a grand which has all the toys you're after but I have no idea as to its quality. Mind you after buying the AL2032wm I am disappointed with Acer's support who have failed to even acknowledge my query.

  housechurchesuk 09:45 28 Jul 2005

I would be intereted to know about your experience with the AL2032WM. I know it is HDCP compliant for HDTV but hasn't got the correct resolution. The Acer 3201W is no doubt 32". Too large and too expensive.

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