ACER 2 months or more repair policy

  dennis craig 10:49 18 Sep 2005

In December I ordered a p4 travelmate 2700 series laptop with +-dvdrw drive and wide screen.
All was going well till I noticed the paint on the top cracking on the lcd lid. Then I couldnt burn in dvd + r format and to top it off I bought a capture card and it froze my computer when it was plugged in. The capture card worked on other computers so it was the laptop. I phone acer and they told me it was a third part product and they werent interested at first anyway to cut the story short. I sent it away finally and phoned them after two weeks and they said they were waiting for spares, fair enough. I phoned every now and again and it still waiting for spares. It has been over two months now and they dont contact me I have to phone them. What are my rights as far as this? I have had to hire a laptop numerous times to carry on doing my courses and they werent bother when I told them. And to top it off I am losing 2 months of warranty while they have it.

  spuds 12:36 18 Sep 2005

This Acer delay problem as been aired on many occasions within the forum, and things do not seem to be getting any better. The supplier is the main point of complaint, and it is their duty to comply with consumer law. The manufacturer warranty is only an extra service, which can prove very good in some cases by sidestepping the supplier for a direct route for a quicker repair. In Acers case this doesn't always seems to work.

Did you contact the supplier originally about the faults that you have had, or did you go direct to Acer. If you did contact the supplier originally, what was their way or views of dealing with the matter!.

For your legal rights under consumer law click here or you can contact click here or your local trading standards for further advice.After six months things can get a little more difficult in pursuing a fix for any problems, hence my advice to contact the relevant advisor's.

  dennis craig 18:02 18 Sep 2005

I have been dealing with ACER tech direct and are has helpful as a hole in the head. I asked for a some sort of timeline and they told me it would take as long as the time of them getting spares. They originally told me I would recieve it in 2 weeks but 2 months is rubbish. Those sites you gave me are much appreciated but there is no fine line of how long they can take on repairing something before a replacement is decided. I would rather get my money back and buy a DELL.

  Dizzy Bob 19:25 18 Sep 2005

Whio was the retailer that you bought the product from? As spuds points out, your contact is with the retailer, not the manufacturer (unless you bought direct?)

In law, if a fault becomes apparent within 6 months of purchase, it is deemed to have been present original UNLESS the vendor can prove otherwise. The vendor is entitles to provide a repair as the first method of correcting the issue, providing that it doesn't cause significant inconvenience to the vendee. The key word here is significant. It is accepted that there will be some inconvenience, however whether it is significant is down to the individual circumstances.

For instance, if it were a computer used primarily for playing games, it could probably be argued that it is not a significant inconvenience to be without the machine for a short while. However if it were a machine used for business, or perhaps studies at a critical time of year then the circustances would be different.

2 months is a very long time to wait, and i think that a prudent move would be to write to the vendor requesting a firm date for repair, and copy your local trading standards office. If you are not satisfied with the response, floow it up with your local trading standards officer for more detailed advice.

Hope this helps.


  dennis craig 20:02 18 Sep 2005

I bought the machine through, They told me to phone acer technical help so this is what I have done. I will definately be writing to the trading standards office! Thanks for the help guys, it really helps. I will be giving the outcome as soon as it happens
Thanks again

  bapiow 07:48 19 Sep 2005

It would be a good idea if all the complaints about Acer's poor technical help and repair's which are numerous across all UK forums could be sent to watchdog.
It would seem I am the only one ( according to Watchdog) that has done so.
Acer seem to concentrate moor on the commercial rather than their domestic customers.

  bapiow 14:06 19 Sep 2005

More even

  Connaught 09:38 20 Sep 2005

I have been transferred to this string because I bought my Acer at the end of June and wrote to the forum yesterday. I bought mine from Shopacer and when I referred to them in the first instance thay put me on to the Acer support. It is virtually non existent. Shopacer are taking it up with Acer but I have asked for a full refund.

I was about to write to trading standards in the Shopacer area but am going for a refund initially. It is my view that the support services advertised are a most important element of the purchase and as such have been thoroughly misrepresented.

Even if my Acer was working perfectly I would be extremely concerned at the future position where I have taken out an extend warranty of 3 years in a regime that has no real support.

How do they get away with it??

  dennis craig 17:48 20 Sep 2005

Well hello people . I finally got my laptop back and guess what? 2 of the 3 problems were sorted out. The usb still doesnt work properely with my ipod and dazzle dvc 90 capture card. It still make my machine buzz when i go into capture mode. I will be phoning laptopsdirect for a refund!!!!! Acer sells rubbish. My company bought 3 of the same units and they do the same, but we try the device on other brands of laptops and desktops and guess what, they work!!!!!!!!!

I agree
They shouldnt be allowed to get away with this!

  Connaught 17:28 21 Sep 2005

I was not aware of our Consumerwatch forum. I am sure that if I had seen it before I would not have bought an Acer. Fell for the very attractive presentation. I guess that before we think about spending hundreds on something we should do a search in Consumerwatch. Then they would not sell anything!

Incidentally my Aspire 9104 wlmi surpisingly doesn't have an infrared port which I rely on for my PDA and mobile. Went into Ebay, bought one for a penny with £4.70 post, came in 10 days. Is tiny and works a treat not only with the Acer but also my desktop. No credit to Acer however.

Am still going for a refund because especially in Guernsey where I live support is an essential requirement. The Acer works albeit it is sluggish in certain respects but I am scared should it develop a more significant or even terminal fault. I have bought an extended 3 year warranty which is proving a joke.

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