Acer 1522WLMi

  steved99 09:25 08 Jan 2005

Has anyone got an opinion on the Acer 1522WLMi laptop with the Athlon64 CPU? I want to use it for Microsoft Office apps, statistics software (SPSS v12.01), digital photo editing using Photoshop LE, playing CD's and possibly watching DVD's. It looks like a powerful laptop at a good price, but how good is it? Thanks.

  Taran 13:40 08 Jan 2005

A close friend of mine ordered one a few weeks ago and she is very, very pleased with it click here

I was so impressed that I've bought one for my wife as a desktop replacement, and she is similarly pleased with it.

Shannon (my friend) uses hers mainly for graphics manipulation and it performs really well.

I wouldn't like to carry one around with me, but as a desktop replacement machine they seem very good. My wife has only one negative so far - the keyboard has, she says, a little 'give'. I noticed that it hasn't stopped her from producing some very large documents though. I was looking at the system the other day as she was working on it and its screen is very nice.

Gigabit ethernet, WiFi, DVD multi-format drive, good graphics, lots of memory and a fast processor. It's a great bargain.

Never having owned an Acer myself and after seeing both Shannon and my wife so happy with their machines I am giving some serious thought to buying one for my next notebook.

I've watched Shannon throw some pretty impressive graphics work at it (Flash, Photoshop, Ulead PhotoImapact XL, Fireworks, MAYA etc) and it's never missed a beat. Some of her still images get up to two and three hundred megabytes and the laptop has handled them all without any fuss.

Both machines were delivered next day and both have no issues at all.

Be advised that you get a driver disk which also features the preinstalled applications for recovery use. Booting from the disk allows you to use the other two system restore disks to put the drive back to its as-delivered condition. The fourth CD ROM is a trial of Norton Antivirus 2004; just use that one as a coaster ;o)

Also be advised that the hard drive is partitioned into two 27GB partitions. There is also a hidden partition with some rescue data files, but you have two 27GB partitions to work with.

The really nice part about this is that if you use the recovery disks to rcover your system, the D: partition is left alone so if you use it to store your data it is safe from being overwritten in the event that you have to run a system recovery. You should still keep an external backup of course, but it does give you a useful level of protection right from the start.

I'm impressed enough to be considering buying one for myself. Read into that what you will, but as a long term Toshiba and IBM buyer that is pretty high praise.


  conrail 14:36 08 Jan 2005

wife has 1 through work, have it set up to do video editing when we take it on holidays, also have instralled office xp, did have problems watching dvd's as could not get decent sound, invested £5 in a pair of speakers still poor sound even though volume was fully up, turned out there is a little wheel on the left side near the front and that overcame everything when turned, it controls the external sound so would recomend, one slight worry is that when resting on the front panel to use the keyboard can move the curser

  Taran 17:06 08 Jan 2005

Are you certain that your wife has the same model mentioned above ?

Neither of the two Acer Aspire 1522WLMi notebooks I mentioned have any external volume controls at all. Volume is controlled using software - there is an FN key function for adjusting volume and a desktop application to do the same, but I can't see any volume scroll wheels on my wife's laptop.

  steved99 09:13 09 Jan 2005

Thanks for the comprehensive replies. Another question - what's the battery life like?

  Taran 10:59 09 Jan 2005

I've had no reports from Shannon or my better half on that score.

Battery life on notebooks is often relative anyway, up to a point.

If you're typing in Word, any notebook battery will last longer than if you were playing with a large database, burning CD or DVD disks or manipulating large images.

I know my wife has had over an hour from her Acer, but she has never run it down to its lowest limits.


  steved99 17:30 09 Jan 2005

Thanks for your help. Off to count the pennies now! Best price I have found so far is £793.

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