About to Spam an email?

  Ex plorer 09:05 19 Mar 2014

Hi this morning I received a email.

On opening the email I reconised the email address in the header. The email had all the ear marks of a spam.

Hitting the reply button.

The return email was different as in the name on the start of the email address dave is correct, dauve is not, the remainder of the address is the same

I was about to send it to the spam box, however I know the email in the header starting with dave and it belongs to the local parish Council chairman who I email occasionally.

If I send this Spam email to the spam box will it stop the chairman from contacting me.

The email in question says he has had an accident and needs help as he has lost all his Cards (yea right) and wants me to reply, he will then inform me on what help he needs.

  spuds 10:13 19 Mar 2014

I can only suggest that if you send the email through your or any spam filter, then all being right, the sender's details should provide rejection for future emails from that address.

What would concern me more, was the fact that you have mentioned a phishing or apparent scam, using the local parish council chairman's details. Would you be likely to make the chairman aware about this, because I would be sure he would hate to have his details being used or compromised in this way?.

  wiz-king 12:44 19 Mar 2014

Just delete it. Let the chairman know his mail address might have been compromised and that be had best change his password as a precaution.

  Ex plorer 14:08 19 Mar 2014

OK thanks, the parish council chairman email address starts with a higher case D so I have spammed the the Scam. Unusual, and an over sight by me thanks for your help.

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