About photocopying credit cards

  erkmatrix 16:12 27 Oct 2004

Hi I'm hoping to pay for Incorporation cost and a EIN Tax ID through a American copany called Easy Corp website click here and they have offices in London and seem legit, only they have asked me to confirm my order by faxing both sides of my credit card, Its not a problem, I just thought I'd ask if anyone else had ever been asked this by a company and is it totally safe to send something like.

They seem ok but not the best customer support and no phone number for the London branch.


  Sapins 16:19 27 Oct 2004

On the reverse side of a credit card are the last 4 numbers with an extra 3 digits added, these should not normally be divulged to anyone. I would not be happy sending a photocopy of my card anyway, what's wrong with just giving the details over the phone minus those 3 extra digits?



  Sapins 16:21 27 Oct 2004

Should have said, over the phone or faxing the mumber.

  Sapins 16:22 27 Oct 2004

mumber! where did that come from? number of course.

  Teaboy 16:45 27 Oct 2004

I would suggest you give your credit card provider a ring take their advice.

  Sapins 16:53 27 Oct 2004

Excellent suggestion, wish I'd thought of it :-(

  erkmatrix 16:57 27 Oct 2004

Thats the trouble the payment has gone through, all that was done on their website, just says to process your order we must recieve the following two documents a fax of the invoice signed which says at the bottom, I understand and agree that my order is a final order and that there should be absolutly no refind under any circumstance whatsoever. And then it says also fax both sides of your credit card. I just found that a odd thing to ask for as I've never been asked this before.

The website seems totally legit company and can't find out anything bad about them on google.

Anybody have any idea what I should do, tryed ringing Virgin and all I get is kept on hold.


  Sapins 17:13 27 Oct 2004

I've just missed the office of my card provider, have e-mailed them for their advice re this problem, I don't know how long you can wait but I will check back here when I get a reply,



  erkmatrix 17:18 27 Oct 2004

Hi I've just managed to get in touch with Vigin and they strongly advise against sending this detail as they'll have by code and signiture, says they transaction appears to be from a legit company and to contact them which I've tryed to do just to ask them why they are asking for this.
Seems very strange for a legit company though to ask this am glad I contact here and from the advice contacted Virgin cause I nearly went ahead this morning and was going to send it off like a idiot.

I'll keep you informed on what they say if anyone is interested.

Thanks for the advice

  spuds 17:22 27 Oct 2004

I seem to remember that this same question was raised a couple or more months ago on this forum.If I remember rightly all the feedbacks were in a negative favour, so do not send the details required. I also think this is an affiliate type programme, being used via campus people.

  erkmatrix 17:26 27 Oct 2004

Hi Spuds

Whats a affilate type programme used via campus people mean?

Now you got me scared, can you please explain.

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