About to buy laptop-opinions or alternatives plz!

  HokkaHokka 17:09 03 Jan 2009

I'm fairly wet behind the ears when it comes to comupters and I'm about to buy my first Laptop.
I'm opting for laptop over desktop for a variety of reasons.
I have a budget of up to £800 and would like a fairly nippy system with a decent graphics card (for newish games, though won't be doing much gaming) I also fancy Bluray if possible...
I'm close to buying the following Hewlett-Packard (HP) Pavilion DV7-1125EA / Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8400 2.26 Ghz / 4GB / 320GB / Blu-ray/DVD-SM / 17" / Vista Home Premium / Laptop / Notebook
click here

It retails at £749 at my local PC World.

I also really like the look of Sonys laptops (screens are amazing) but I can't find one with enough power within my budget.

I would be very grateful to hear anyones advice or recommendations. Whatever I get, I'll follow up with my opinions...
Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!!

  chub_tor 21:54 03 Jan 2009

If you like Sony how about this one click here

  curofone 22:30 03 Jan 2009

only problem with that sony is that it is let down massively by the graphics card, you are not going to be able to play the new games on it, well maybe but the settings will be at the lowest possible.

The hp you found is a much better deal than the sony but then the sony has the better design just depends if you want style or substance

  curofone 22:41 03 Jan 2009

could always try this machine, click here it doesnt have blu-ray but the graphics card is fantastic for the price but this a big bit of kit.

  HokkaHokka 12:08 04 Jan 2009

Hello again,
Thanks for your suggestions - both are decent looking machines.
I have a quick question though....Performance wise is the
HP Pavilion HDX9430ea (as recommended by curofone
any better than the DV7-1125EA? (as mentioned in my original post)
I can see that the resolution is better with the HDX9430ea...
Thanks again guys

  curofone 12:37 04 Jan 2009

There is not much difference in the processors although the one orginally posted is slightly better although it is slightly and the average user would not notice any difference at all.

The graphics card in the 2nd machine is a lot better than the 9600m GT and would cope with the new games much better. I have a machine with the 9600m gt card in it and it can not play things like flight sim x at full graphics (but close) and i have heard it really struggles with GTA 4 although it can play COD 4 at max graphics.

The second machine also comes with Vista 64 bit which is definatly going to be an advantage as i do not think it will be too long until we all start switching to 64bit OS plus with a 64 bit os it means that you can actually take this machine past 4gb RAM and with 2gb sticks costing about £10 - £15 now and them being the easiest thing to upgrade on a laptop you would be foolish to discount the second one for having 1gb less.

The only downsides i can see to the second one is the size as i understand not everyone has room for 20" laptop plus it weighs 7kg and the fact it does not have a blu-ray but they should start to tumble in price soon and i can not see why you can not swap out the optical drive in there at the moment for a blu-ray one when they are a bit cheaper.

  HokkaHokka 17:17 04 Jan 2009

Thanks again!!!
If the laptop that you recommended wasn't so big I'd definitely sacrifice the Bluray but it's too big really...
Swings and roundabouts I suppose...
Thanks for taking the time to advise, it's been really helpful and gives me a few more things to think about.

I'm very surprised that the NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800M GTS graphics card is better than NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT. I'm not knowledgeable at all about this and would've assumed the higher the number, the higher the spec...

I also wouldn't have noticed or known the differeces between the 32bit and 64 bit Vista.

All feedback/advice still gratefully received
...can resist the urge to splash my hard earned cash a little while longer!!

  curofone 17:50 04 Jan 2009

Never assume that about graphics cards otherwise you might get stung quite badly, if you want to compare laptop graphics cards this is the place to look click here just make sure when your looking up cards you are looking at the right one as most of them have letters after them like gs/gt/gts/gtx/sli and all are different.

32 bit operating systems are coming to the end of their life really as they are starting to limit the hardware in machines as they can not address more than 4gb of memory (RAM and Graphical) so the one that you orginally found has 4gb RAM and 512mb Graphics card so that 4.5gb in total but the 32 bit os can not actually address all 4.5gb so at least 0.5gb is pretty much wasted.

The problem with the 64 bit os is that not all programs work on them yet (although most of the big software vendors have both 32 and 64 bit versions of their software).

The machine you have found is pretty good for the money, i have the hp dv7-1000ea which has the same spec apart from the processor and it is a great machine (cost me £670)

  HokkaHokka 17:55 04 Jan 2009

That link is fantastic...
Thanks again curofone - I feel like I've learnt a lot from your posts!!!

  HokkaHokka 19:26 05 Jan 2009

Thanks again for all of your help...
Have just ordered HP-HDX16-1005EA
click here
Hope it's a good choice...will check back with impressions soon...

  curofone 20:37 05 Jan 2009

looks like a good machine, get very good reviews if you have googled this machine you have probably read this review but if not take a look click here

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