ABEL ALWAYS charged me for a sec.month without ser

  mois 00:53 17 Sep 2003

Hi....I like to receive some comments about this problem:
About 2 months ago I signed with ABEL ALWAYS but there were some communications problems and I didn't get the service the first month....Then They charged me for the second month...This caused the bank to fine me 30 pounds because a cheque I sent to someone else didn't have enough funds.Then a technitian from B.T. came to test the line and said was o.k...I suggested it could be the modem...I changed it for a dif brand and the problem continued...Abel made some test and said the problem was with B.T....then one evening B.T. called me and said everything was o.k...Then suddenly the next day I got the service.
ABEL says they have nothing to do with my problem and the fine I got because of that.
I want to know if they are right ?....Can they charge for a service they haven't provided ?.Now the bank charge me another 30 pounds because I didn't paid the fine....Thanks for your comments.

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