Abbey Nat scam emails

  Al94 22:07 04 Nov 2006

Just received this

Dear Abbey National Online Customer,

Our records indicate that you're account has been inactive for a long period of time. As a new security measures to protect from fraudsters accessing your online account, We have temporarily placed your account on limited access. To restore full access to you're account, you have to log-in within 4 days after recieveing this notice. After 4 days you're account will be disable. To log-into you're account follow the steps,

You would think the scammers would at least try to get their spelling and grammar right!

  Forum Editor 00:03 05 Nov 2006

they're incapable of it. A good command of English has never been a prerequisite for membership of the criminal fraternity.

  €dstowe 06:38 05 Nov 2006

Even so, they must make a good living out of it otherwise they wouldn't bother.

  wiz-king 08:27 05 Nov 2006

Spelling? Grammar? Dunno wots up wif em.
Some of the real letters I receive are less than perfect on those points. As a 'O' level failed in both English Grammar and English even I despair at times at the standard of English in some of the letters and emails I get from the likes of banks and government agencies.

  Forum Editor 11:06 05 Nov 2006

They do, but it surprises me. How anyone could seriously think that their bank would send them an email telling them that their account would be disabled if they didn't respond is beyond me.

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