The Abbey

  day2strike 12:02 07 Aug 2008

I have never been to such a poor performing bank as the Abbey.
My local branch never seems to open on time, their are always long queues and only one person serving.
So do i go elsewhere & if so to which bank?
Was thinking of the Nationwide/.

  jaraba 12:26 07 Aug 2008

The organization I was secretary of used abbey for many years until we had a new sponser & the name on the account had to be changed.
Supplied details to local abbey in october & by january still hadn't been changed even though I was now paying in cheques in the new name.
I tell a lie, in that period they did change the name but not to the one requested.
Mananger involved during all this & he apparently couldn't do anything it was down to a department at head office & he could only contact them by fax.

Got fed up & transfered to lloyds.

  day2strike 12:43 07 Aug 2008

At Christmas i was in rural Devon & in the local town every bank was represented except the Abbey. Nearest Abbey was 25 miles away in Taunton.

The service as BBC Watchdog found out was it was the poorest performing bank.

I still have an account with the Abbey, but not for to long!

  birdface 13:59 07 Aug 2008

After Saturday you may not have to worry about changing banks.I would wait till Monday.[your own advice]Cooperative or the Halifax.I have used both and have never had any problems with them.

  jack 14:10 07 Aug 2008

The Co-Op
You may not even have a branch in the area- it matters not- telephone banking and payin facilities via your Post Office[assuming you have one ;-{

  Quiet Life 17:30 07 Aug 2008

Their internet banking is as bad as their customer service. I have been trying to move money from an e-saver account to a current account all this week. Each time I was told that they were introducing a new system and that the Move Money facility would be available "this afternoon, tomorrow, is now operational"
A promised transfer by telephone did not happen and finally I was told yesterday they were moving accounts in batches and it would be 3 to 5 days before I could move my money from one account to an other. Several e-mails have received an automated receipt but nothing else.
It cannot be much fun working there and I feel sorry for the Alliance and Leicester staff that will remain after the takeover.
It seems unbelievable that they will change a system and leave their customers with problems without advising them of the situation.
You even have the agrivation of logging on making the transaction ,confirming and then getting the message "error this operation not currently available"

  Stuartli 18:00 07 Aug 2008

This could be the reason...:-)

click here

  cruiser2 18:05 07 Aug 2008

I transferred my current Account to Abbey in 2005 as I would get more in interest in one month than in a year with my previous bank. But they lost a cheque for £1000. Was given £60 compensation for their error.
On the statement issued in October 2007, they had changed my name. I immediately wrote a letter of complaint. I did not receive statements for the next three months. It took till April before this problem was resolved. I did get £100 compensation.
I was able to use the internet banking system until the beginning of May. Even though I ad not altered my passwords, I could not access my account. Despite repeated requests, I am still unable to access my account on the internet. I have been sent three different passwords but none of them have worked. I am now waiting for a fourth set. Another letter of complaint is being sent this week end.

  sunny staines 23:52 07 Aug 2008

had a monthly saving 8% a while back with them at the completion they failed to pay the correct interest [had not taken into account compound interest each month] after explaining it with some young man who was the manager and showing him how to work it out I was paid the difference.
I expect not many of its savers spotted the flaw.

  willyamie 15:37 22 Aug 2008

I fully sympathize with the guy trying to transfer using the moving money facility. I have just(after about 8 calls to Abbey and 10 different phone numbers) succeeded in swapping accounts from e saver to 50plus. You need a full medical before attemting this as a full coronary is entirely possible!!! The move money option has started working one way - amazing!! The advice I got from my local branch was pretty useless. The 'financial advisor' guy said there were so many saver accounts he'd lost track of them all. Very encouraging!!!!! After many calls to Abbey (and being told different stories each time) eventually the saver account was swapped. Oops stop press!! The message 'error - this service is currently unavailable' is showing again. Ah well - where's that revolver!!!??

  Stuartli 15:47 22 Aug 2008

To follow up my link earlier in the thread, the Abbey announced yesterday that all those who enjoyed the "windfall" cash point payouts can keep them.

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