pavvi 00:42 16 Dec 2010

Normally I hate shopping online as I prefer to go into a shop and buy the product and walk out with it. This year, I am busy right up to Dec 24th and needed 4 different coloured, fairly basic laptops for nieces and nephews. I tried in vain to get the laptops online just getting a blank payment screen with error in the URL. I filled in a customer form, 48 hours no response so called customer services who told me that the blank screen is their new 'payment declined' screen as customers don't like being told their bank has declined the payment. I was told to contact my bank.

This I did, and the bank told me that PC World hadn't asked for payment, so there had been no decline. I then called the sales line and after much toing and froing, PC World's system didn't like the fact that my accountants address is on my bank account as well as mine. So back on the phone to my bank I go, and the bank makes some changes to enable the transaction to go through. This it does and the young lady at PCW taking the call was very prompt and very courteous calling me back, and the rest happened without a hitch. All this was done from Rome over the last few days.

While I was on Italian TV this afternoon, I'd had a missed call from a blocked number and they left a message which I couldn't pick up until this evening. It was left at 1447 by DSG Loss Prevention who said that they wanted to do a security check, and that there was no problem. The female voice spoke with such velocity I wondered whether it was a different language than English (after speaking Italian solid for a week, I thought I was getting confused!).

She then said (and this then becomes a huge problem) that if I did not call them back by 1600 then they would automatically cancel my order. So it took 4 days to get the order in, and they give me 77 minutes to get back to THEM! I appreciate that they need to make sure everything is in order, but if you leave a deadline you leave a reasonable period of time for the customer to come back, and put the order on hold, rather than cancel it. If they have indeed cancelled it (it still shows active in the order history) then this will really inconvenience me. I have my mother in law house sitting while my wife and I are away and she is expecting the delivery and will sign for it. If they have cancelled the order it will take about 10 working days to return to my account, and to order again will mean I will have paid twice. As someone who travels a lot, I get lots of security alerts from my bank. This incident will most likely make my bank put further security blocks on my cards in the run up to Christmas while I am out of the country, which necessitates expensive phone calls from me to get them to lift. Am I being unreasonable or should PCW simply put the order on hold and give me 24 hours to get back to them?

  morddwyd 05:49 16 Dec 2010

Entirely unreasonable.

This is the sort of thing that PCW excel at, and you've been on this forum long enough to know that!

  KremmenUK 06:43 16 Dec 2010

If any retailer messes me about then I go elsewhere.

Not worth the hassle, especially the overpriced PCW.

  spuds 16:04 16 Dec 2010

I think the workings of DSG is a mystery to everyone, and perhaps more so the TechGuys. How they are surviving through poor customer service is another mystery.

Perhaps looking at this in a different light, couldn't you arrange for a proxy buyer, like your accountant, when you want items when you are out of the UK?.

A letter to the CEO of DSG regarding the problem that you are having in making a purchase, might bring a better response and perhaps free gifts and an advertising contract. You are famous now :O))

  pavvi 01:11 17 Dec 2010

They hadn't cancelled it this morning when I rang. Online security is an interesting aspect now as we need to be secure, but the dilemma is finding a system that doesn't block out the genuine purchasers.

Thankfully, the laptops are going to be wrapped up for the nephews and niece to open come Christmas morning. It is rather revealing that a company selling computers cannot make its own website to do what it should, As for the response I got from the man in Cust services saying that the screen goes blank because people don't like being declined was quite a funny answer, but not a helpful one.

Apart from a very helpful sales assistant who called me back when she promised, it was a regrettable experience, partly of my own making as I had been too busy to remember that Dell wouldn't guarantee Xmas delivery after 13th

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