£9.99 a month 1 Mbyte NTL Broadbad

  Pesala 11:31 16 Jul 2005

This is a good deal for new broadband customers. click here for special offer available only until 31st July. Reverts to the regular charge of £17.99 per month after the first year.

As always, read the small print before signing up.

  Pesala 13:56 16 Jul 2005

Oops. (>_<) Sorry about the Freudian slip. Its not really broad-bad, though NTL can be difficult to get fixed when it goes wrong.

  Newuser38 21:59 16 Jul 2005

Thanks checked it out.The wooden shed (our BT exchange)is to be broad banded on 27 July.

NTL advise they cannot do, but I quote 'our good friends Virgin net' will be able to help. As if we did not know NTL now run virgin net

I am a Virgin net member and have just identified several phone calls with no message left as from a number previously allocated to NTL!

I have to choose between Virgin and Tiscali, who I also use, not much in it probably.

Cable and Wireless (Bulldogbroadband.com) at 8.99 wont work here either.

Not sure on costings that I need broadband any way!

  Dipso 22:09 16 Jul 2005

Why only the choice of 2?

  justme 22:44 16 Jul 2005

Like Dipso, I wondered why only the choice between Virgin and Tiscali. Have a look at click here and see what the others have to offer.

By the way, once you have experienced the speed of downloading on broadband you will not want to go back to having a cup of coffee while something downloads.

  Dipso 23:02 16 Jul 2005

click here is another Which broadband ISP site.

If you are set on Virgin or Tiscali, read what their customers have to say click here and
click here before you commit yourself.

FWIW, my ISP click here can provide 512kbps for £11.75 a month but you would have to stump up a connection charge.

  Newuser38 10:18 17 Jul 2005

Thanks all I download very rarely. I have a need for fast email. I have used and still use for different lines of communication Freeserve (Wanadoo), Tiscali and Virgin and used to use pipex a long time ago. On balance it still looks as though 24 hr dialup is still the most cost effective.

  Dipso 21:41 17 Jul 2005

...you seem to have made your decision to stay on dial up.

If you consider changing ISP/connection type in the future, I don't know if you are aware but it is possible, with a little reconfiguration to your email settings, to continue to use many existing email addresses even when not dialled in to the originating ISP. Tiscali and Virgin being two that I use and I haven't signed into Tiscali for around 3 years and Virgin around 12 months.

  canard 22:41 18 Jul 2005

NTL have turned up pronto and uncomplainingly replaced my modem three times. I'm not so sure about the accounts dept but have found service irreprochachable.

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