9800gtx soon

  citadel 20:35 05 Mar 2008

according to tweaktown.com could be here by the end of the month.

  mrwoowoo 02:07 06 Mar 2008

A great card but what do you think we are looking at price wise? £300 to £400 perhaps.
I'm still waiting to upgrade my 512mb 8600gt to an 8800gt when i have the pennys.Also a psu upgrade as mine is 400w which is going to struggle.
Even with money to burn,never seen the point of buying the latest cards, as any noticeable improvement over an 8800gt for example will be very slight to the eye. My 8600gt plays the latest games at max settings although the framerate can drop to about 27fps at times.Therefore an 8800gt will do for me.
I wonder at what point framerate speeds stop being noticable in terms of smoothness.Around 40fps perhaps.
Any ideas?

  crosstrainer 08:11 06 Mar 2008

The only good thing about the £400+ 9800GTX coming out is that prices on the other cards in the 8800 range will fall. I'm still happy with my 2 8800GTX cards in this rig, but might see if I can "mug" the Nvidia rep for a test card :) Sadly he always wants them back!

  belfman 09:49 06 Mar 2008

Just letting me know my 8800 cards are moving down that 'out of date' line quicker than I'd like them to. :(

  crosstrainer 10:25 06 Mar 2008

They call it progress :(

  mrwoowoo 16:43 06 Mar 2008

"I'm still happy with my 2 8800GTX cards ".
My god!,i now look like the incredible hulk.
Thats it off to get an 8800gtx now can't wait no longer(no sli board).
Your'e right about the newer cards coming through pushing the 2nd gen ones done.Definately good news alright.

  mrwoowoo 16:45 06 Mar 2008

Done = down.(the hulk can't spell as he's a neanderthal.(O:!

  crosstrainer 16:45 06 Mar 2008

Hang on! New mobo and 2 new cards that are passed the sell by? Why not wait? If it aint broken don't fix it!

  mrwoowoo 16:53 06 Mar 2008

I think an 8800gtx will run new games more smoothly than an 8600gt as the framerates are getting on the low side.
Do you see much difference(gamewise),running 2 x 8800gtx as compared to 1 8800gtx as surely settings maxed out = settings maxed out.
Or am i missing something?

  crosstrainer 17:06 06 Mar 2008

To be honest, not at first. In Flight SimX (now the SLI drivers are sorted) it's a lot faster. I don't play stuff like Crysis, but do play FEAR and that runs insanely on this rig. One card ( a quality one) will save you the SLI mobo replacement.

I only do it to keep me young! I think I was one of the first to delve into SLI and Vista, but the honest truth is (I have 3 PC's at home) the XP sli rigs (2x7900gt's) are equally fast.

The other Vista rig is a dual core E and I've just stuck an old (quality) 6600GTS in that and still works fine.

Moral of story: ?

We will alway's chase the new kit...Even if we don't need it. Drives the industry :)

  [email protected] 21:37 06 Mar 2008

my 8800gtx is nearly a year old, wont be long before we are saying 'remember how massive and hot those old g80 crocks were!'
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