citadel 21:23 26 Jul 2007

It could be out at xmas. 1g ddr4 and it can do 1 teraflops of graphical wizardry. twice as fast as a 8800gtx ultra.

  Totally-braindead 21:39 26 Jul 2007

Well I'm broke and even if I wasn't I couldn't afford something like that, it will probably cost as much as my entire computer. And I have to ask - whats the point? Say it allows you to play a game that has high demands at a frame rate of 200 fps. Whats the point of that? Could you tell the difference between that and something that cost half as much that gave you a frame rate of say 80 fps? I know its moving on with technology but this sort of thing comes at a huge cost and most normal people A - couldn't afford it and B - even if we could afford it we'd spend the money on the lower priced graphics and spend the remainder on something else.
Ask me in 3 years time and I might change my mind as games might have caught up with it.

Just out of curiousity, you aren't getting one or wanting one are you?

  alan2273 23:03 26 Jul 2007

Another thought, what sort of power supply would you need to run it?.

  citadel 23:10 26 Jul 2007

there have been worries that 8800 cards have not been providing good enough fps in dx10.

  Rigga 09:52 27 Jul 2007

Either way, a new gfx chipset, means the older chipset is usually cheaper. Bring it on I say. Let the rich uber gamers pay through the nose, then us mere mortals will be able to afford the last gen, but still very good kit. :)


  Armchair 10:19 28 Jul 2007

Someone will buy it. Not me, though. You're better off (financially) lagging behind both games and hardware by a few years, and buying when they're at their lowest prices.

I've only just bought Doom 3, lol, and my bargain basement 6800GT should run it okay. I remember when it first came out, and folk were rushing out to buy 9800 Pro cards or whatever, just to play it. You pay through the nose doing crazy stuff like that.

Patience = best value for money.

  TopCat® 14:13 28 Jul 2007

to come, if anybody here can afford it that is? Note the PSU fitted in this case. It's rated at 1200watts! Power to the people indeed! TC. click here

  citadel 17:28 28 Jul 2007

9800gtx is said to use less power than the 8800gtx.

  brundle 17:48 28 Jul 2007

Cards of this kind are the Mercedes S-Class of the PC world - you might not be able to afford one, but they showcase new features and improvements that will be mainstream in a few years. I wonder when they'll break the 10000 barrier for names...do they think 4 numbers sounds `snappy`...

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