£900 Gaming PC

  Wellbe 11:45 25 Jan 2006

Hi, I've been reading through the last couple weeks worth of topics and must admit they have been extremely helpful.

I am currently looking to purchase a new system and need some advice. I'm looking to spend around £900. Already have monitor so not needed.

I realise this is a little open ended so will break it down into a couple questions:

1) Dual core or not (bear in mind budget and Use)
2) 2x256MB 6600GT SLI or 1x256MB 7800GT
3) DDR or DDR2 (clueless)
4) Motherboard dependant on above
5) Recommeded online companies (atm Novatech looking good)
6) Read that Nvid and ATI are planning new releases soon. Would it be worth me delaying purchasing for a month or 2..?

Any advice would be appreciated.

  rmcqua 12:16 25 Jan 2006

I know I'm a bit over budget (darned VAT !) but this looks really nice.
click here
Personally, I wouldn't bother waiting - NVidia and ATI will always have something new just around the corner. Enjoy while you can !

  kiddgame2000 12:30 25 Jan 2006

click here
click here

Both are very good pcoptions prices are excellent.

I just bought my new gaming pc of pc specialist and the whole process from start to finish was flawless.

I would go for the 7800gt myself with 1Gb of ddr2 and an AMD64 4000

Heres what i bought.

AMD64 4000
2GB DDR400
128MB 6600GT

My computer rocks but as you can see the graphics card is the lowest spec out of everything, i chose it because at the time there was nothing i wanted to play that needed anything better and i figured i could always add the second card if something did come out.

For £900 you will get an amazing computer on pcoption.

  citadel 19:14 25 Jan 2006

I would get 1 7800gt as you can add another one later.

  [email protected] 23:55 25 Jan 2006

Can you get DDR2 with AMD motherboards? I thought it was only Intel Boards that supported it (although I have no idea why).

  Wellbe 11:01 26 Jan 2006

Dave - You are correct, DDR2 is only for intel boards.

At the moment looking at this:

AMD® ATHLON® 64BIT 4000 (San Diago) 1MB L2 Cache
1024 MB DDR400 PC3200
SATA 250 GB HARD DISK @ 7200rpm 8mb cache
4x +R DUAL LYR DVDWRITER (16x +/-R)(& RW)+40xCD-RW
256MB GEFORCE 7800GT PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT
Stylish Black X-Plode Case + 2 Front USB
550W DUAL RAIL PSU, 120mm fan & 19.2 dBA CPU Cooler-for SLI

£930.00 incl VAT & delivery

Yes/No/Maybe... any thoughts

  Sepulchre 23:34 26 Jan 2006

All look like good components but go for a drive with 16mb cache if you can, preferably with NCQ adn Sata II interface (Sure current drives cant saturate the SATA bus yet, but you might as well have it).

Also make sure you spend a resonable amount on the PSU, you dont specify which one your looking at but this is an area often overlooked, yet vital to a stable PC.

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