90 Day Apprentice Scam

  johngml1 23:58 29 Nov 2007

I joined a training program called the 90 Day Apprentice on the 2nd of September 2007. I am always worried about joining these sort of things as I have been ripped off numerous times before. As this was being run by a Daniel Blackburn from Rotherham in the UK and offered a guarantee that reads:-
"Right now, price to take part is just $147 and it's backed by a full 90 day money back (for any reason) guarantee. When you sign up, you will make at LEAST double that fast. I designed the system to show you where the money is VERY quickly."
When I got the course I found that I could not get task one to work properly despite spending many many hours on it and by looking at the forum it appeared that many others had the same problem. As nobody appeared to be making any money at all and the fact that I could not proceed to finish task two either I asked for a refund as I had spent additional money that had not been promoted at the start. At this point I was ignored and I was banned from the forum so I could not tell anyone else. I sent numerous requests to no avail so I have reported Mr Blackburn to Trading Standards in Rotherham, where his site is registered, and lodged a complaint with Paypal. So if you see anything from this person or his main site, Moneypumps.com, then keep your money in your pocket as you will never see it again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:18 30 Nov 2007

'Moneypumps.com'...and you thought that you could make money from this and you did not do any research makes me think that you deserve to lose money....welcome to a reality check and hello to planet Earth.


  Totally-braindead 01:14 30 Nov 2007

GANDALF <|:-)> is a bit harsh as usual but he is right. Moneypumps.com does not sound very businesslike now does it and anything that offers to double your money or make you rich or whatever is usually best avoided.

Doesn't help but in future its essential to do some research before doing anything like this as has been pointed out.

The heads up on avoiding them is appreciated but I for one with offers to double my money and a name like that would never have gone near them.

Also don't know if its a typo but you used the dollar sign, if payment was made in US currency then its likely that its not a UK company regardless of what they say and thats another reason to avoid them.

  johngml1 01:41 30 Nov 2007

I appreciate the replies but I think Gandalf should actually read the article before pouring scorn. I never joined a program called Moneypumps. I found out this address when I was looking to see what else he had done. As for research, yes I looked at everything that was available by this man that I could find from the search engines and could find nothing wrong but then I suspect Gandalph has never made a mistake and has never visited Planet Earth as he will find that not everybody goes through life with a superiority complex.
Regarding the dollar sign, if you have ever done any business on the internet, which is world wide and not country wide, then you would know that dollars are the normal accepted currency regardless of country. If you try to avoid payments in dollars regardless of country then you will find that there is not much left out there.
When someone is trying to save anybody else from being conned, placing insulting remarks does not impress anybody.

  johngml1 01:43 30 Nov 2007

Please note Totally-braindead that my reply title was not aimed at you. I apologise if you think it was.

  octal 08:47 30 Nov 2007

No one deserves to lose money on scams like these, I have had a look at the site and it is a typical scam along the lines of so many of the African ones we see that depend on human greed for their nasty schemes to work. The problem is that most of the regulars on this site are a cynical lot because we have seen so much of this type of thing before, we think everyone should think as we do, unfortunately the real world doesn't work quite like that otherwise these scams wouldn't work.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention though, even if it stops one person being sucked in that's a result.

  laurie53 09:16 30 Nov 2007

"Regarding the dollar sign, if you have ever done any business on the internet, which is world wide and not country wide, then you would know that dollars are the normal accepted currency regardless of country."

The only time I've ever had to use dollars is when buying from an actual US address through Amazon.

In fact, the dollar is now so weak that even some of the big business companies are now moving away from dollars and into euros.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:54 30 Nov 2007

'Copyright 2007 - 90dayapprentice.com in conjunction with MoneyPumps.com '...from the 90day app site. I realise that you did not sign up to the ludicrously named 'moneypumps' but they are one and the same. I might be harsh but I see people suckered into these fairy schemes on a too regular basis so a few tips for the unwary.
1) It is very, very difficult to make a GOOD amount of money from the Net and virtually every scheme that I have seen is bordering on the scam.
2) If the scheme does not say how you make money then run away as fast and as far as you can.
3) Daniel Blackburn (he is not from Rotherham) never gives the names of his sites where he is supposed to have made millions. Run away.
4) The $ sign and the florated language should have alerted you to the fact that the dollar is not conventional currency in Rotherham nor do the inhabitants use West Coast vernacular. I would imagine that the link you used had an affiliate number tagged on the end.
4a) If the word 'affiliate' is used in any scheme run for the hills, it translates as 'MLM' or 'money pit' or even worse 'based in the States'.
5) Any scheme that tries to teach you how to sell/market stuff on t'internet is a loser from day one. There are gazillions of these hapless sites on the net and if I was to buy an Iphone I would be going to Curry's/carphone warehouse and not some site that I had never heard of.
6) Anyone who thinks that they have a chance of getting an extra income from t'internet (surveys, mystery shopping, MLM schemes, training schemes) needs to read the linky at the end of this sentence very carefully and see how much this lot make for a huge amount of effort...would you work for 25p/hour?.....click here Some of the threads border on the desperate.

7) all this information is available for free with 30 mins use of Google which can save anyone a £75 joining fee. I do not know many people that earn £150/hour. Anyone that cannot research all this really will have no chance making any money from the net as any scheme relies on research.
8) Whilst I'm on a wave...it is also exceedingly difficult to make a decent, regular income from Ebay. A quick scan of their forums will help anyone.
9) click here is a good start to read all about net money making. click here is an interesting read as is click here

All the above took me 30 minutes to put together and I could have written much more. Anyone wanting to make monaey from the net needs to do a BIT of research first.



  iscanut 10:30 30 Nov 2007

If a money making scheme is so good, why not use it yourself rather than advertise and get others to join in. If its that good, you dont need to share it with anyone !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:20 30 Nov 2007

The money making scheme is to get pthers to sign up to it ;-))


  Forum Editor 17:42 30 Nov 2007

that the American dollar is the normal transacting currency for e-commerce - nothing could be further from the truth. Most countries transact in their own currency when possible.

GANDALF <|:-)>'s summary of the situation may have been robust, but plain truth often comes over that way - the world should have taught you that it's rarely possible to make money easily, and anyone who genuinely finds the golden key certainly isn't going to spread the word. Daniel Blackburn (if there is such a person) has found his golden key by understanding human nature - we are inherently greedy creatures, and sometimes the excitement of thinking it's get rich quick time clouds the judgment of otherwise sensible people.

I'm sure you've learnt a lesson with this experience - nobody is going to provide you with a secret way to make money over the internet. I'm doubly surprised that you took the plunge with this, in view of your statement that "I have been ripped off numerous times before."

Please make this the last time - don't pay a penny to anyone who offers to sell you a shortcut to success.

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