8mb Broadband - Any ISP Recommendations?

  richdeniro 19:51 19 Apr 2006

I was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend me any decent ISP's that would offer a decent uncapped 8mb broadband service.

I am currently with freedom2surf on their unlimited 2mb service and have been with them for about a year now. I recently found out that my exchange (Sanderstead) has finally been upgraded so I can get 8mb.

I would stay with freedom2surf but if I upgrade to their 8mb service then it will have a 50gb download cap on it and I really don't fancy having a capped service.

I am currently paying £24.99 a month.

I have already checked and cannot get bethere.co.uk 24mb service so this rules that out for now (unless anyone would know when I might be able to get it?).

Also don't fancy getting rid of the BT phone line so this rules out ISP's like Bulldog and other companies that make you sign up for their phone service first.

Thanks in advance.

  Totally-braindead 20:25 19 Apr 2006

50 gig a month is a huge amount its probably what I would use in a year or maybe 2 years.

  Totally-braindead 20:26 19 Apr 2006

Lots of ADSL advice here click here

  Charence 23:27 19 Apr 2006

Try PlusNet click here
£14.99 a month for speeds upto 8MB, with no download limits.

  Radix Lecti 10:09 20 Apr 2006

I'm with f2s too, and have recently regraded to 8meg (with a 50gb cap), but I'm considering moving to evolutiondsl (click here) for an uncapped service.

Thing is, although I've heard great things about them, they'll likely go the same way as all the other ISPs (like f2s, NDO.com etc), when the p2p'ers hop on board.

  Confab 12:51 20 Apr 2006

Just as a matter of interest how much do you download/upload per month?

My kids (3 of them) my wife and I use my pc daily for surfing, MSN, and downloading music and videos but I have yet to go over 4GB per month and it's frequently a lot less than this.

What do you need to do to go over 50GB?


  amonra 14:57 20 Apr 2006

Before comitting to any ISP, make sure that you CAN get the promised 8MB. You have to be pretty close to your exchange to get the maximum speed and free from other misc. nuisances like interference from mains operated devices.

  Colin 16:24 20 Apr 2006

I have upgraded to BT's 8MB service and get betwen 5MB & 6MB downloads, but I only live 1 mile away from the exchange. My download cap has been increased from 30GB to 40Gb a momnth, but I never got near the 30GB limit and I download a lot of music, video etc.

  richdeniro 16:55 20 Apr 2006

An uncapped service is a must for me really - I usually leave my computer on 24/7 and use newsgroups to download at speeds of 220kb/s - usually 4gb dvd image files and things. If I leave it running over night I can usually download a 4gb image file in those 8 hours that I am asleep.

Last month I think I downloaded around 70gb worth, if I was to go to 8mb and have the extra speed then I would go well over the 50gb cap.

This is why I am looking for an uncapped service.

  Stuartli 17:18 20 Apr 2006

You should check out your recommendations first before posting them...:-)


click here

  ade.h 19:56 20 Apr 2006

50GB is ten times my monthly usage, and that's with a lot of uploading. I have the £20 10GB 8Mbit service from F2S.

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