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  mahalo 19:13 22 Jun 2005

I orderd a Camera from 7 day shop, there were two models with a difference of £10 so I opted for the dearer one,£119. I did check the order, the ammount and the make but not the model number. Big mistake, I have received camera today but the cheaper model £109, I have still been charged for the dearer model.

I emailed them immediately (there is no phone number), they replied that I had ticked the box to confirm the order, it's true I did.

I looked at the website today and the dearer model is no longer there for sale, but the cheaper one still is at £99 now.

I am very annoyed, I know I have been overcharged by £10, but as of today It could be £20.

Did they send the cheaper model because the dearer model was sold and hoped I would not notice ?
If I did tick the box to say I had checked the order, I still feel it's wrong to charge me more than it was advertised at.
Your opiniums please, Regards.

  spuds 19:23 22 Jun 2005

You may have the Consumer Protection [Distance Selling] Regulations 2000 to help, if you wish to sent the item back. Using the Act [if it applies to 7day shop]may perhaps get you a refund, as a gesture of goodwill!.

  jack 19:40 22 Jun 2005

I have always found 7dayshop to be very helpful.
Carefully explain what has happened and i f you decider to keep the camera- which is I gues what they hope ask for a price difference refund to the new lower price.

  mahalo 20:11 22 Jun 2005

I have already emailed them and they say they sent the item I ordered, but I know I ordered the one at the dearer price and got the cheaper one which should have been £10 less. It is a Casio Elixim EZ30 and I paid for the EZ40 which is not on the website now, so they must have sold out.

I have made lots of orders with them and I have had good service with them. I would keep the camera but only if they put the matter right. Having said that I ordered two memory card and it looks like I wont get them on time for my holidays on saturday, which was the whole pont of ordering last week. All I can say is "sad, very sad".

  Rayuk 20:35 22 Jun 2005

Did they not send you an e-mail to confirm the order?

  mahalo 20:43 22 Jun 2005

Yes they did, I am not disputing that. What I am saying is that even if I did not check the model number and the order was confirmed as the Casio Exilim EX-Z30, I was charged for the Exilim EX-Z40. £10 more than the EX-Z30 was selling for when I put the order in.


  Rayuk 21:06 22 Jun 2005

Dont think then that they sent you the cheaper model as the dearer one was sold out as you had e-mail confirmation that you had ordered the EX-Z30.

The point now is that if you return the camera you will have to pay p&p think it may not be worth the trouble.

Just had a quick look the EZ30 is £124 but there is a Z30 for £99 which of these is it?

  bfoc 00:10 23 Jun 2005

It would appear that the order form, and the email both listed the camera model you received at a price of £119 and that you confirmed the order and did not cancel it on receiving the email.

I do not think you have any legal complaint against 7dayshop.com as they have supplied exactly the order you placed, even though this might be different from what you thought had been placed.

Of course if I have misunderstood and either the model number or the price are different on the order form/email then the situation would be different.

As Spuds rightly says you might be able to use the distance selling regulations, but as Rayuk points out this might incur additional postage costs.

  €dstowe 08:02 23 Jun 2005

Do you have your credit card bill for the item? You should be able to sort things out from that - in combination with the bill/invoice from the supplier. The price paid will be clear, irrespective of which item you agreed to buy and which you were sent.

If you paid £119 and the price of the item was £109 then you are due a refund. I don't think you will get away with claiming the other £10 though.

  mahalo 13:30 23 Jun 2005

Rayuk, 7dayshop change their prices almost daily.

I have acccepted defeat on this one, however it does not help that I have the camera but the cards are not yet dispatched so I wont have them to go on holiday this saturday.

Thank you all.

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