7dayshop problem

  joeltr 17:00 02 Mar 2005

a week last saturday i ordered two cartridges to give my printer a clean, but when they arrived they look like a black&colour ink cartridges, it says cleaner on a sticker on the box,but no mention of a cleaner on the inside wrapper, i have sent two queries to 7dayshop, all im getting back is an automated email saying sticker invalid, how can i tell if they really are cleaners, or how to contact a person there, tia, joel.

  Modo 18:12 02 Mar 2005

They have not been so hot recently in our experience and we have used them only when necessary.

About a year ago we had to send some Panasonic AAA rechargables back becuse the whole batch leaked almost immediately. No problem. But late last year we bought some panasonic 9v rechargables and found they wouldn't fit the appliances we bought them for because they are bigger than ordinary batteries. We contacted them, told them the problem. They said send them back. we did and a weelk later we got them sent back to us because they didn't have the original packaging!!! We set off on a very strongly worded correspondence telling them what we thought of them and how we were going to get our costs back.

Truth was about a week later a smoke alarm battery failed and we discovered they did fit in the smoke alarms.

But the funny thing is this. Reading your posting I went to have a look at what those batteries were. I opened the drawer to discover that they are decomposing and begiining to leak. This should be fun.

As for your hijacked request for help. If you used a credit card copy the credit card company and 7dayshop. Tell the credit card company you won't pay. Don't be fobbed off with being made to fill in their silly forms. Just say you'll suspend using that credit card with the exact amount in dispute as the balance. You may be surprised at how quickly the matter gets sorted especially if you are haevy user of that card.

  joeltr 19:28 02 Mar 2005

sorry for the delay in gettng back, i will try one more time, if that fails i have got a phone number off a previous thread, if i cant get it sorted out i will do as you suggest, thanks again, joel.

  anchor 12:46 03 Mar 2005

Good luck with trying to speak to them. I tried recently, and only got a recorded message saying they did not take calls.

I found a Fax got a better response.

Fax no: 01481.258546

  joeltr 13:17 03 Mar 2005

thanks, i will do that, the phone is a waste of time, regards joel.

  hinny 17:36 03 Mar 2005

Don't bother emailing them, I got a a faulty card reader, as soon as you put the card in it wiped the images !. Emailed them, no reply, emailed them again, got a reply saying they had already replied (I did not get it ! as I said above) that the mattter had been dealt with.
Stalemate, the reader went in the bin....Having said that, I have bought lots of other goodies without any problems. Good luck.

  hinny 17:37 03 Mar 2005

p.s. the postage has also gone up to £3.95.

  joeltr 19:39 03 Mar 2005

same here, this wasnt my first order from them, its been fine up till this one,the postage was nearly the same as the cartridges,joel.

  hinny 18:42 04 Mar 2005

Joel, my last order was for two small items, the postage was more than the items. Cheers

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