7 Day Shop just got better.

  Coaster3 10:35 21 Feb 2003

An email just received from 7 Day Shop (I am a regular customer) states:

"Following a recent staff recruitment excercise, and a few changes in the way we handle orders, we find ourselves in the fantastic position of being more efficient than ever in our dispatch department.

We invite you to try our improved service, and
offer you FREE Post & Packing on all internet orders !"

What can one say? Their prices have always been unmatched but - free postage as well!!!

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:57 21 Feb 2003

Good for you Coaster3.

I've now been waiting 4 weeks for some CD-RWs I ordered.

Perhaps their dispatch department could be even more efficient if they had an efficient stock control procedure.

  Kyomii 11:16 21 Feb 2003

I am also waiting for a compact flash card that I ordered on 27 December and your post reminded me to contact them Coaster 3 - so thanks!

  Coaster3 11:54 21 Feb 2003

Strange, I have never had to wait for more than a few days!

  Kyomii 12:36 21 Feb 2003

Sorry, to be fair, the rest of the order came within a couple of days, but the CF card was missing.

I contacted them over the matter in January and they said it was in a seperate parcel but that parcel has never arrived.

  tbh72 14:54 21 Feb 2003

What's the URL

  tbh72 14:55 21 Feb 2003

click here

Tis ok I've found it & am browsing

  Wes Tam ;-) 15:05 21 Feb 2003

Coaster3 you left an important bit off your quote. I've now received the same e-mail:

"Following a recent .....
We invite you to try our improved service, and
offer you FREE Post & Packing on all internet orders !

Please note that this offer applies to orders placed online at click here up to 5.00pm (GMT), Monday 24th February 2003.

Coaster3 can I put that down to selective editing?

  chrishillcoat 16:34 21 Feb 2003

I'm extremely tempted to get an SD card from there - £48 for 128mb! They do quite a nifty lil' holder for the cards as well.

*checks prices elsewhere*

Chris Hillcoat

  mcullum_DX4Life 17:45 21 Feb 2003

with their delivery times, i mean if you buy something off ebay it arrives faster if your paying by cheque than if you pay by debit card on 7dayshop.com. It took them 13 days to send me 8 cr2032 batteries :(

  Coaster3 17:50 21 Feb 2003

No; you can put it down to not reading the whole email. How disapointing!

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