£650-£900 Desktop?

  sjm_411 18:06 12 Feb 2006

Trying to choose a PC which will handle games (e.g. Flight Simulator), dvds, music, re-writing, etc that will also be fairly future proof with preferably a 19" LCD BUT within a range of £650-£899!

After much searching, I've come across these on my "shortlist" so far:

click here

click here

click here
(shame not 19" LCD!)

I'm struggling to choose but would really appreciate advice on these or any other suggestions.

Many thanks.......sjm_411

  anskyber 18:13 12 Feb 2006

click here With 19inch monitor.

  SG Atlantis® 18:15 12 Feb 2006

the first one. alternatively look at the Compaq Presario 1639 I have it and it's excellent.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:18 12 Feb 2006

I like the third one; you can always call them up and upgrade the monitor.

The following is from ComputerShopper site - there are a few compromises on the machine, but they are easily dealt with. By far the best value for money, I think.

________________************ ______________

PC Nextday's Zoostorm is powerful in Windows and astonishingly quick in 3D applications. Apart from its limited warranty, the only downsides are its cheap mouse and keyboard.


The Zoostorm's case is tricky to open, but it has greater potential for future expansion than every other PC in the group. Its motherboard has two PCI Express x16 slots, so you can double its 3D power in future by adding a second nVidia graphics card and using the two in SLI mode.

This makes it possible to forgive PC Nextday for the terrible mouse and keyboard. You'll need to buy a new set. We would also have preferred a larger hard disk than the 160GB one used here, and no onsite warranty is included.

PC Nextday has included an AOC LM728 17" display with the PC. It has a quick response time ideal for gaming and produces a sharp picture, but it creates a slightly dingy white.


Like Gateway, PC Nextday has chosen to use an Intel Pentium 4 processor. The model that is used here is slightly slower, but it still managed to produce a superb 110 overall in our Shopper application benchmarks.

This excellent processor is accompanied by the best graphics card in the group. The nVidia GeForce 6800XT card ran our Doom 3 test almost twice as fast as its nearest rival, producing 45.1fps. This is a great system for game fans on a tight budget.

  rmcqua 18:43 12 Feb 2006

You could try one of these:
click here
with a Samsung 930 BF 19" monitor (about another 240 pounds),

  961 18:51 12 Feb 2006

I've been reading through the service arrangements for the Zoostorms and must admit that I think you need on-site for at least the first 6 months. I'm not quite sure how much that costs for these or if it is insurance backed, but it's worth looking into

The Advent computers from PCWorld have a good name for reliability and of course if it doesn't work out of the box you don't have all the hassle of waiting for the carrier to collect (PCNext Day "We can't specify a collection time") The ones I've bought have all worked over the years until I've either given them away or taken them to the tip

Novatech stuff is good and value, and their service reputation is good as well. Considerably cheaper

Most folk reckon Dell does the business especially if you trawl around their site for the discounts, which can save you big dollar

  Diodorus Siculus 18:57 12 Feb 2006

I'm with the suggestions for Novatech - they have served me very well but are not necessarily [quote]Considerably cheaper[/quote] for what you get. Their service and quality is excellent though.

  Dellman 12:43 14 Feb 2006

Have you tried MESH?????

  sjm_411 17:37 14 Feb 2006

Thanks everyone for your advice - lots of food for thought....and choice!! There's some very interesting views.

- MESH: I'm a bit put off by the number of comments of this site of their

- Dell: this does look interesting....
click here

- Novatech: will have a look as a number of reviewers recommend them on the forums

- Advent: Looks attractive and excellent value, but seen some comments on the forum that their PCs tend to slow against their spec and are noisy. May take a look in store.

- Zoostorm 6-4401: I really like the look of this machine and the price. I've contacted them but they do not have an upgrade price for a 19" monitor, so I would have to buy one from them at extra cost....shame!!

So, plenty to check out!! But the advice is extremely welcome in this difficult decision.

Thanks again all.......sjm_411

  Dellman 10:00 15 Feb 2006

I bought 2 PCs from MESH 18mths ago.......they're still going strong!!

  johnnyrocker 23:41 15 Feb 2006

you are indeed fortunate


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