64 - bit chips

  floydking 16:27 15 Apr 2004

I can't wait. having upgraded to an AMD2800 a while back I must admit that I have been a little disappointed in it's ability to multi-task. Work in 'Photoshop', listen to a piece of music, leave the occasional document open in word, have the net open, and try opening the mail, along with the security progams etc. in the background - this may seem a lot, but really I don't think it's particularly outrageous, and things begin to get annoyingly 'stuck'. I once wondered how much further technology could go - I now conclude that the answer is 'a long way'. Imagine working in the darkroom while listening to the radio with a notepad open and the tv silently tuned into a 24 hour news station, and you have a letter 'on the go' while you have the house security switched on in the 'real world'. No probs.The quicker the better for me. Floyd.

  floydking 16:30 15 Apr 2004

Before anyone corrects me I do realise that having the TV on in the darkroom is a bit of a dodgy idea. Lol.

  arricarry 20:05 17 Apr 2004

You must have developed my holiday pics.

  ade.h 17:42 18 Apr 2004

What you have described is a pretty average computing session for many of us, Floyd. You may need more RAM, depending on your OS. Win XP likes at least 512mb and 1gb would help. An Athlon 64 probably wouldn't have very much benefit, based on what other forum users say. After all, Windows is still 32-bit.

  floydking 17:26 23 Apr 2004

I'm surprised that you say that I may need a gig ade.H. I have been fooling myself that I had put together quite a reasonable system. But I must admit that my own experiences have belied that conclusion. To be honest I hadn't even considered that I may need a gig, but you are so obviously right - a gig + I think! Coming soon to a shop near us I'm sure.
All I can say about the holdiday pics is errrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm sorry arricarry

  ade.h 22:12 23 Apr 2004

Unlike the 98/ME family, which weren't happy with more than 512mb, it's a case of the-more-the-merrier with XP.

  floydking 18:08 24 Apr 2004


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