6 month old Microwave - showing signs of distress

  jack 10:37 18 Apr 2009

Having found my self a singleton after 55 years. I set about changing a former family home into a bachelor pad.
Out went the old stand alone gas cooker and in came the ' All singing and dancing' microwave combination.
And it really does do it all roasting, grilling,steaming baking bread and cakes, you name it did it in double quick time.
Then a daughter visiting her old dad, was in the kitchen whilst I prepared our evening meal.
The said ASD-DIY Micro combi was doing its stuff.
When daughter exclaimed look dad what is happening?
She was pointing to the hinge edge of the door which was showing signs of melting.
Closer examination[Machine off of course] showed the door appeared to have dropped down, and not sitting in its aperture squarely
So as soon as Panasonic opened for business on Tuesday I was onto them.
They were very courteous and prompt and arranged for a courier to collect next day.
City Link prompt at 10 Wednesday called to collect.
For next day delivery to a service agent.
That is where it stands at the moment.

So what can I expect?
A repair or replacement?

  dagnammit 10:57 18 Apr 2009

"So what can I expect?
A repair or replacement?"

Surely you have established that on the phone.

  ICF 11:35 18 Apr 2009

I have dealt with panasonic on several occasions and have found them to be very helpful.Is it under or over 6 month old?

  jack 12:14 18 Apr 2009

Ofcourse - but first the agent has to see the machine and make a judgment
Purchased end of October last -under 6 months, just.

  ICF 12:51 18 Apr 2009

Then the shop should replace it then

  Forum Editor 12:57 18 Apr 2009

with the oven itself there's a danger of microwave leakage, which is a serious defect.

I'm quite sure that Panasonic will deal with this appropriately, but I'm not sure why you involved them initially - your contract was with the supplier from whom you purchased the oven. It was for that supplier to replace the oven, as it is presumably still just within the six-month from purchase period.

  Stuartli 14:59 18 Apr 2009

I bought a De Longhi stainless steel combi microwave at half price (£40 including delivery) from Argos a year last January.

Around October the turntable hub seized solid, so I contacted Argos. It immediately offered to replace the microwave with a new one (a now updated version priced at £70, but same catalogue number) and I collected it from our local Argos outlet.

About two months ago the replacement microwave developed a fault with the electronic time/heat/defrost etc control, so I again contacted Argos.

Once more, despite the fact the machine was out of warranty, it was replaced without quibble in the same way.

This time, however, the latest version now costs £98.99..:-)

  jack 17:13 18 Apr 2009

The supplier were indeed the first point of contact.
but they defer to the maker presumably for what to do.
I suspect that this is general practice with direct mail sales is it not?
The supplier is John Lewis Direct

  jack 17:16 18 Apr 2009

In the past we have purchased 'Big Ticket' items from the local CoOp department store.
A Hotpoint Washing Machine and Fridge Freezer
In each case the Co-Op did not Supply from their Floor but Hot Point delivered direct.
So perhaps this is the same sort of thing.

  Forum Editor 17:46 18 Apr 2009

Thanks for the clarification and yes, John Lewis would indeed refer you to the makers in a case like this, because it speeds the process of resolution.

I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of your rights under consumer law.

  jack 13:53 29 Apr 2009

This morning the CityLink courier arrive and the driver carried a large box to my front door.
I helped him into the hallway with it and duly signed for it as unexamined.
It was as well I did.
On opening the box[the original that I had sent it away in- the packing was to say the least 'sloppy'and as I upended the item[it weighs 21kg or thereabouts] I noticed the case was now bashed in on the control panel side.
So what to do now?
First stop Panasonic.
Quoted the reference number.
The operator brought up her screen asked about the new damage.
I expected
A. A new collection or
B. A service guy to be sent out with a new case
to fit on site.

We don't have mobile guys she said.
A second warranty repair brings us close to the value of the item.
Decision she said - Phone John Lewis, quote my name and this reference number, and tell them Panasonic have authorized a new replacement.

This I did- and JL online approved it and promised delivery sometime next week.
What about the existing machine - asked
Get rid he said.
Oh and here is the 'Gilt on the Ginger Bread'
During this time the price has been reduced.
I'm going to get a credit,

Eat yer hearts out DSG and others.

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