£500(ish) Laptop Recommendation Needed

  darkster 08:41 25 Mar 2007

Hey all,
I need a new laptop and my budget is around £500. I would like a dual core processor, Vista, Big HDD and 1GB RAM. I would really appreciate your opnions or recommendations.

  Jake_027 19:47 25 Mar 2007
  malgall 22:12 25 Mar 2007

have you tried dell
just brought a computer from them
they were very helpful
ordered it tuesday turned up friday
and it great

  FatboySlim71 23:17 25 Mar 2007

Try these, excellent quality and customer service. I highly recommend them.

click here

  The Brigadier 10:16 26 Mar 2007
  Aspman 10:23 26 Mar 2007

This is mine click here

£588 but you are getting £100 back from HP.

  puma22 12:56 26 Mar 2007

got this last week. click here Don't worry about it being vista business. Seems to have everything XP has. Also has 2GB ram.

  darkster 17:16 26 Mar 2007

Thank you all for the advice. I must admit I am leaning towards Dell as I have just bought a Dimension 9200 desktop from them and been very impressed with the performance and service. The inspiron 6400 also has dedicated graphics which, I assume would stop the system robbing RAM to run Vista's graphics? I might wait a few more days and see what pcworld & comet have in their Easter sales. I also like the look of; click here from an aesthetic point of view. Thanks again guys!

  puma22 19:16 26 Mar 2007

If you want to wait a few weeks, keep checking this website click here as Dell change their prices at least twice a week. Someone on here posts the latest dell offers, usually twice a week, Sat & Thurs.

Good luck with the buy!

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