£500 laptop for my daughter

  bjevans99 11:24 26 Nov 2008

I have a £500 budget to buy my 13 year old daughter a laptop for xmas.

I have seen this click here and think its pretty good value although I am only 5/10 when it comes to technical stuff with computers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


  bjevans99 11:27 26 Nov 2008

or I have found this one click here which will save me a few quid.....is there much difference between them except screen size??

  curofone 12:49 26 Nov 2008

I think that you might have posted the wrong link there. The one you linked to has 1GB less RAM, has a hard drive more than half the size, has vista basic rather than premium and the processor is worse. Yes it is still a great budget machine that i have recommended myself to people but not this time

any chance you meant to link to this one click here This is machine is still a hp but has a 1GB extra RAM compared to the tesco one, same hard drive, again a weeker processor (but a 13 year old would not notice), better graphics and smaller screen screen.

The two machines i would say are pretty close to each other and spec but, no idea what the extended warranties are like on the tesco ones but you can extended warranties on the ebuyer one direct from HP dirt cheap (£30 for 2 years)

  nosharpe 12:52 26 Nov 2008

A big screen is always nice, but there are a few other differences; inter alia

No 1 has 3Mb ram, 250Gb Harddrive, bigger processor cache, Vista premium edition
No. 2 has 2Mb (including free 1Mb upgrade), 120Gb Harddrive, Vista basic edition

Unless she is downloading loads of movies, no. 2 should be ok.

  curofone 13:00 26 Nov 2008

Not to confuse the orginal poster nosharpe was commenting on the machine posted by bjevans99 not me

  Pamy 14:17 26 Nov 2008

The first one that you have seen and the one shown by curofone, both look good value. When buying anything like this for children I would always discuss it with them and their friends if possible first, you will be suprised at what even a thirteen year old or her frienda know and what they would like it to have. No good buying something that you think has everything she wants if it doesn't, she will never be happy with it then.

  curofone 16:08 26 Nov 2008

Just come accross this machine click here is a better spec (better graphics and processor) than your op and £50 cheaper but has 15.4" screen and vista business rather than home premium (just means you do not get the media centre on it, not that i actually know anyone that users that)

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