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  joshuam 01:53 26 May 2009

I am looking to buy a new laptop for around £500. I obviousely want as high performance as possible, as I will be using 3d modelling software. I am looking for at least a 2GHz processor and probably 4Gb RAM. I would also like gaming, so would like the best graphics card for that money. ANy ideas or has anyone bought a laptop of similar spec and would recommend?

One I am looking at at the moment is the Compaq CQ60-320SA

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  user8 14:49 26 May 2009
  Rigga 16:17 26 May 2009

Laptop, gaming and £500 do not really make happy bed fellows.

The laptop linked to by user8 is not really suitable for gaming, but than I doubt you will find one that is for £500.

There is this one which has a 9600M which may play some games reasonably. > click here < but again it's not really a gaming laptop.


  joshuam 16:36 26 May 2009

thanks. I'm not looking for anything too serious, just something with dedicated memory for graphics, and can run many programs at once

  Rigga 17:38 26 May 2009

Well the one I linked too has dedicated graphics memory on the 9600M graphics card, and although it only has 3GB of memory unless you're going to get a 64Bit OS you will only get 3.5ish (could be less > click here <) of main memory even if you install 4GB.

So as long as you only want mild games, the one I linked too would be fine. The other two would struggle, unless you only wanted to play older games or minesweeper ;)

BTW i'm not saying defo buy the one I linked to, that was a quick 2 min search on PC world. There may be much better options from other laptop sites. just bear in mind you want dedicated graphics not shared, and 4GB will never fully be used unless you use a 64bit OS.


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