£500-600 Gaming Rig?

  I Have A Duty 18:47 21 Oct 2009

Hello there!

I'm new to these forums and I was just browsing through some of the topics many users have posted and I came across a few about Gaming rigs.

Currently I have a very outdated PC, 6+ years old at least, I believe it is time to upgrade out of this old rig and into a new one.

I've set aside a budget of 500-600 pounds and have been unable to decide between the masses upon masses of companies offering credit crunch busting PC's and I need some help!

I'm looking for a desktop, not a package (no speakers, monitor, headphones, keyboard or mouse).

I'm a keen player of both FPS' and MMO's (ex. Call of Duty 4 (and soon Modern Warfare 2, the game which made me think about getting a new pc) Crysis/Warhead, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Eve Online) and currently all of the above are just running too slow for me, I'm having to run them at the lowest graphical settings to make them playable, I'm fed up with it.

I did buy a new graphics card earlier this year to max out my motherboard, a GeForce 8800GTX. (Not sure if this means anything, just thought it would be handy to include!)

The £500-600 doesn't include postage costs (but nothing like £70 postage please, I really don't want to go over budget).

I don't know much about the inner workings of computers at all, so I really need a guiding hand :)

Thanks for your time!

  birdface 18:53 21 Oct 2009

have a look through this until someone gives you some advice.

click here

  OTT_Buzzard 18:55 21 Oct 2009

Do you need an operating system?

click here

Still one of the best value for money deals around...

  I Have A Duty 16:16 22 Oct 2009

Still looking for some help, I would like to state that I really am just looking for the system (the core pc) not all of the other stuff you get with it.

I already have a decent monitor, so it's not needed.


  OTT_Buzzard 17:43 22 Oct 2009

On the budget you have you'll struggle for a top notch rig.

The PC i've linked to above has a keyboard & mouse with it. It does not include monitor or operating system.

Alternatively try this from click here

Intel core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 GHz 6Mb Cache
Manufacturer Supplied Cooler
4Gb Corsair Memory DDR2 800 (2 x 2gb),
500GB SATA Hard Drive
QCE - ASUS P5KPL-1600 X-fire - 1600FSB DDR2 1066x4 G31 chipset,
2036 Black Silver Midi Case Prescott 450W,
CiT 600W Gold Edition PSU,
DVD+/- RW - 20X (pioneer 116DBK),
No Floppy Disk Drive
Integrated Sound Card
No Operating System
No Additional Software
No wireless
Standard Warranty
In Store Collection (delivery extra)


I think they've made a mistake on the graphics card pricing - the 2GB card is cheaper than the 1GB card, but there's not much in it. t's a step above the 8800GTX in performance. You might want to think about going for a different PSU. I don't anythng about the CiT brand.

The motherboard supports crossfire so that should make future graphics upgrades easier.

  I Have A Duty 19:05 22 Oct 2009

OTT_Buzzard thank you very much for your response, I've just been looking at it and it seems like a great bundle which I may look into soon :)

I also revieved an email from a good friend telling me about this:

click here

Which one of the 2 should I go for? The Cougar, or Palicomp?

  OTT_Buzzard 20:21 22 Oct 2009

I wouldn't buy anything from a company that advertises processor specs as Palicomp have.

The overclock they are advertising is very mild.

I would be extremely suprised if they have fitted 12 USB ports to the PC. Really, i'd be very suprised. But I'd be prepared to be proven wrong as well.

The graphics card in the cougar extreme option is better. Since gaming relies primarily on graphics cards, and taking into account Palicomps advertising, I'd go with Cougar. But that's me.

  Loopy2 16:57 23 Oct 2009

Why dont you look into Cube247, plenty of system to choose from, some avaliable for next working day delivery, I have purchased off them and they have great customer services. The sales staff can give you some good advice to, me mate bought from them and they talked him into buying a cheaper pc than what he was originally looking at.

They are definatley worth calling, even if its just to get some advice and quotes.

  simonjames 09:29 29 May 2010

I have to be honest guys, I've used Palicomp for the last few years, and these days they are very professional and are winning a lot of awards with the magazines. Ive actually bought the PC in question in this thread and found them to be extremely helpful and in my opinion it is the best value for money spec out there at the moment at this price and the PC does everything instantly and I can play all my games on it as well. Of course the other companys in the charts are worth a look, but I think that the Palicomp website along with their service is second to none! Hope this helps.

  lotvic 14:22 29 May 2010

This your very post on pca forums by any chance?

  lotvic 14:24 29 May 2010

edit, should read:
'very first post'

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