5 Year Internet Access - MMG ??

  gusfoe 17:21 10 Jan 2004

I had a salesman at my front door yesterday offering me internet access for 5 years at a one off charge of £149.99. The company involved is called MMG and claim that:

“Using MMG INTERNET ANYTIME package and a one off £149.99 you can benefit from 24/7 Internet Access FOR 5 YEARS. All you need is a standard PC and a BT line. We’ll even give you a seven day FREE TRIAL, so if you're not happy, you don’t pay a thing.”

This obviously equates to £30 a year or £2.50 per month for unlimited internet access. The only downside appears that there is a 58 minute cut-off.

Has anyone heard of this company or the offer they provide? Is there a drawback to the offer?
Their website is click here.


  bremner 17:37 10 Jan 2004

The drawback has to be the likelyhood / possibility of this company lasting 5 years.

As BT charge £15.99 for their equivilant service and the lines used by MMG will be supplied by BT my worry would be the long term viability of this adventure.

It is all well and good paying £150 for 5 years if the company are likely to be around for that long.

At £2.50 per month that seems something of a gamble.

  Forum Editor 17:51 10 Jan 2004

the offer is terrific, and I know of no reason to suspect that this company will not be around to honour it.

On the other hand..............

1. In five years time (or even two)will you still be using a narrowband connection? It's very doubtful isn't it? I would have thought
there's a very good chance that you'll be on a broadband connection - of one type or another - within that period.

2. You are (as bremner says) gambling that this company will still be operating for that long.

You might take the view that for £150 the gamble's worth taking of course, in which case I hopoe that it works out.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:10 10 Jan 2004

Perchance this crew? .......click here


  pupae 00:15 11 Jan 2004

IT SAYS at the bottom in association with BT

  pupae 00:19 11 Jan 2004

anything that looks to good to be true usualy is

  Stuartli 09:03 11 Jan 2004

I posted a thread on this offer in the middle of December:

click here

  The Spires 12:10 11 Jan 2004

Go touu your local boat building company & purchase the longest barge pole they have in stock, you need a really long stout one.

  thisisnighthawk 12:32 11 Jan 2004

type in BT in google and it does not always come back as British Telecom.

BT=Botswana Times, maybe the same guys who have all that money to give away, all they need are your bank account details...

  Forum Editor 12:55 11 Jan 2004

worth mentioning here, but before that I repeat, I know of no reason why this company should not be able to fulfil their side of the contract.

1. I am personally opposed to any form of doorstep selling - if I want a service I'll ask for it.

2. The service may well be 'endorsed' by BT (as the company claims in its FAQ) but endorsed doesn't mean underwritten - I could be wrong, but I doubt that BT would pick up the pieces if the service fails in two years time.

My comments are not intended to deter anyone from subscribing to this service, and no criticism of it is implied - as always I'm impartial - it's simply that my natural sense of caution tends to make me shy away from paying for something up front without any form of guarantee.

  kp 13:10 11 Jan 2004

The .bz domain for MMG is a Belize domain which is a little odd but not necessarily suspicious. This redirects to a .co.uk domain. The offer might be genuine but what does concern me is that there is no contact address that I can find on the website, only an e-mail address and telephone number. Clicking on the e-mail link opens up your e-mail program (outlook or outlook express etc. rather than linking to a web form. Most professional sites tend to use the latter option (partly to prevent spamming). Maybe I am overly suspicious, but these things did stand out when I looked at the site. The use of the BT logo would however, suggest that there is a proper affiliation with British Telecom rather than the Botswana Times. Just some thoughts!


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