5% discount at Choice Stationery

  anchor 09:08 16 Dec 2005

Choice are giving 5% discount for all on-line orders placed before the end of December.

"This offer is only available on-line and voucher code 7731 must be entered at checkout stage when prompted to receive the discount".

  jan-boy 11:02 16 Dec 2005

Yep. Just recieved my email from them confirming this.

  pj123 17:49 16 Dec 2005

Haven't got my email yet but I need to order so now is the time.

  jack 17:54 16 Dec 2005


  oresome 19:49 16 Dec 2005

Choice Stationery seems to be well thought of by many forum members.

As a result, I purchased their compatible cartridges and recommended them to my boss and my daughter.

The boss was the first to use his and complained that the ink was always blocking. Fortunately he only purchased the one cartridge.

No rise for me this year then!

Since then, both my daughter and myself have had similar problems, (both with Epson printers, not sure what the boss has, but guess Epson)

Previously purchased compatibles from 7Day. They did block, but only after long periods of inactivity in a warm room.

So not so sure now. Certainly won't open my big mouth so readily in future.

  anchor 09:02 17 Dec 2005


I did have a colour cartridge that gave immediate problems with my Epson 895. I telephoned Choice, and they immediately sent a replacement that was fine. I did not have to return the defective one either.

I had previously always used Epson original cartridges & found that they also get blocked after a period of inactivity. Choice ones do seem better in that respect. No difference in colour quality either.

  pj123 13:09 17 Dec 2005

I have an Epson 895 and Epson R200. Have used Choice cartridges for years without any problems.

On advice from Epson Helpline I now never switch my printers off (apparently this stops the printers initialising each time so they don't waste ink) and I always run a test print (made up in Word containing text and graphics, black and colours) through both of them once a week. I have never had a blockage and have never had to use the Cleaning Cycle.

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