42" Samsung TV,But is only 40"

  birdface 15:45 23 May 2009

Hi.My wife spotted a nice 42" Tv in Asda's when shopping yesterday.So we decided to go down today to purchase it.
My wife said it was not as big as the 42" one below it.So borrowed a Tape from the tools aisle and the bottom TV was spot on 42" from corner to corner the Samsung that we were about to buy was only 40" from corner to corner.And they are selling it as a 42".
I asked the staff at the counter if it was a mistake and they said no it comes in the box marked 42"
So just wondering are they allowed to advertise it as a 42" and is Samsung allowed to deliver it in boxes marked 42".
Needless to say that we never purchased it.Just thinking what is norm when measuring Tv's of this size.

  dagnammit 17:33 23 May 2009

A whole 2 inches? You lose some don't you?

Which model?

  birdface 17:57 23 May 2009

Never had a pen to write the model number down.But normally the price would be higher the bigger the television.
We had a look around the area yesterday to see if we could see one that we liked.personally I don't think that we need a new telly it's just to keep the wife happy.
We spotted that one in Asda's yesterday and decided to go down to-day and buy it.
The other half wants a 42" and not a 40" and what she wants she gets.Anything to keep the peace.
it was the wife that noticed it was not the right size.It looked about the same to me.Just wanted to know if they can sell it as a 42" when it is not.I will try the Asda site and see what comes up.

  birdface 18:11 23 May 2009

Nope not on the Asda site.

  SB23 19:21 23 May 2009

I sold alot of tv's in my electrical salesman days in the mid 90's and it is obviously still the same in the fact that you do sometimes loose some of the diagonal screen size within the casing of the tv.

  SB23 22:02 23 May 2009

I accept that 2" does seem alot to loose on the visible part of a screen, but, if it was my purchase, I would maybe ring the manufacturer's helpline with the model no to get the specs to be doubly sure. Most have helplines nowadays.
Just a thought.

  Si_L 22:54 23 May 2009

Maybe the measuring tape is wrong, eh? Ever think of that?

No but seriously, I wouldn't let it bother you, its not like you bought it. And at the end of the day we are talking about 2 inches.

  Stuartli 23:51 23 May 2009

>>And at the end of the day we are talking about 2 inches.>>

Doesn't matter. If the set is described as a 42in model then a 42in model it should be.

It might say 42in set on the box, but it might not be the correct box; if a number of TVs are on display there will be quite a few boxes hanging around in the storeroom...:-)

Perhaps a call to Trading Standards (Customer Direct) might bring a definitative answer?

  Spark6 23:57 23 May 2009

42 or 40 inch screens are, in MHO, more than big enough in the average household. I would challenge anyone to distinguish between the two in normal surroundings.

PS - don't let Mrs b read this!!!

  Si_L 00:17 24 May 2009

I'm not saying that if it is described as 42inch it should be any less, I'm saying don't blow it out of proportion. As Spark says you would be hard pressed to tell the difference unless side by side. If you don't like something then vote with your wallet and don't buy it.

  gazzaho 03:18 24 May 2009

I have a Samsung TV which is spot on 26" and a Samsung computer monitor which is spot on 24" Did they show you the box? If not I would suggest the sales people were mistaken, which in my experience, they're often are.

Some TV's are a little off the measurement because of the front bezel, perhaps 1/4" or so but not by 2" as suggested, I would find the model number and check it on the internet.

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