£400 budget PC ??

  daba 00:44 13 Nov 2005

A friend wants to buy a PC - has a minimal income so a budget limit of £400.

She wants the best she can get for her money, but has her heart set on a TFT monitor !

So far I've found the Dell Inspiron 1100 coming into budget.

Anyone got any pointers to similar or better deals ?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:33 13 Nov 2005

That's probably as good as she will get.

15inch TFTs can be picked up for less than £100 so she has £300 to play with - take a look at novatech.co.uk for some cheap options that can be built on.

Why not take a look in local papers / fairs for a secondhand monitor?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:19 13 Nov 2005

click here

Similar good value - got a 17inch tft but less RAM.

  jbp1982 09:07 13 Nov 2005


click here

  Diodorus Siculus 09:34 13 Nov 2005

click here - Morgan Computers also have some good deals.

  spuds 10:49 13 Nov 2005

Now that it is getting near Christmas, I would suspect that places like PC World, Staples etc will shortly have special offers available, so it may well be an advantage to wait that little longer.With Dell, as most people have noticed, prices and special offers for the same product can vary a great deal, so it always pays to check before placing an order with them.

  johnllew 11:45 13 Nov 2005

If your friend is prepared to increase her budget by £100, there's a cracking deal on at Dell till the 16th November:

Dell 5150
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 630 with HT technology (3.00GHz, 800MHz fsb, 2MB cache)
1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 400MHz (2x512) Memory 160GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst™ cache
16x max. DVD+/-RW Drive
Dell 19" Value Flat Panel
256MB ATI Radeon® X600 HyperMemory graphics card
Free Optical mouse option.

£514.29 in the basket with free delivery!

Use Evalue Code: 100 - D11516c and change the guarantee to 1yr. click here

Go through a cashback site and get another small discount. click here will give you 2.5% back - that's another £12.85 off.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:30 14 Nov 2005

try the woolworths website. search for the aspire T120 desktop for £365. I'm not giving a recommendation one way or another as I dont know the systems, but it certainly meets the requirements. (theres also a sub £400 notebook as well)

or if you want to wait for special offers/sales, then wait for just after christmas is my advice.


  daba 23:28 14 Nov 2005

Thanks all - good comments.

I'll wade through, but just noticed the Dell 1100 coming in at £299 now !

  jbp1982 23:36 14 Nov 2005

packard bell incudes a cd writer and a flat panel. no need to pay for or wait in on delivery, just go to PCW and lift it off the shelf.

  scotty 12:37 15 Nov 2005

Keep an eye on click here
They regularly have details of Dell offers in the price range you are looking at. The Dimension 3000 range is probably what you should be looking for. Decent PC if you don't want to play the latest games (limited options for fitting graphics card). Dell flat monitors are surprisingly good.

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