4 GIG of RAM - or not? also Windows 64-bit.

  Ceri.E 13:21 21 Sep 2005

Dear friends,

I am about to launch into the AMD X2 world.

In an ideal world, I would have the AMD 4400 X2 cpu, 4 gigs of 3200 RAM and windows 64-bit.

Cube 247 have the following to say:

Going from 2 Gig of RAM to 4 Gig:
You will not be able to address so much memory for long time - can be supplied but not suggested

We are not yet confident in using the Win XP 64bit version. The computer is capable but we are not prepared to support the problems associated with the operating system.

On the phone, Cube said that their 4000+ AMD system only "sees" 3.5 Gig of RAM maximum.

Since I plan to use software which is optimised for 64-bit (allegedly runs 10-15% faster) and it is a RAM hog, does anyone have any guidance?

Thanks in advance,


  Monument 14:57 21 Sep 2005

Windows XP supports up to 4GB of RAM.

Whether the chipset on the motherboard can then that is another matter.

64 bit O/S's can support memory in the Terrabytes but the hardware will have to catch up.

  Mr Beeline 21:38 21 Sep 2005

I would tend to agree with cube247's comments.

  Pooke 23:07 21 Sep 2005

cube247 are in the business of selling things. If they advise you not to buy more ram than what the system can see, then take their word for it aswell as with the 64bit OS.

I would.

  jack 08:51 22 Sep 2005

I recently posted on this anomilly[!}
Recently aquired a 64 bit MoBo/CPU package.
The Manual says up to 4 Gig memory is one place.
In another place 'Supports 512 Mb Technology'
The boards actually has 3 slots - e.g. -3 x 512
==1536 max memory.
I guess that the various MoBo component [Chipsets for example]manufactuers put out data about their 'bits' ,but when it comes to actuality the MoBo maker simply cobbles the data into a board manual with due regard to a bit of editing.

  jack 08:54 22 Sep 2005

Since re built my 4 year old machine[ formally Athlone 11.4] runs like a dream [ not in a dream]
once verious issues were resolved[ such as power supply in another thread in helpline.

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