3G internet access, tech questions and best deal?

  theDarkness 01:33 24 Mar 2009

I have recently found that my Sony ericsson phone that currently connects to the net via o2, uses GPRS, but most importantly it is also 3G capable.

Some basic questions if anyone can help:-

1. Is 3G the same format used by standard (non phone) usb mobile modems?
2. If so, and my SE phone is capable of 3G, can it potentially offer similar speeds to what usb mobile modems do? (If not, and there is a website listing the maximum data rates my phone can accept through 3G, i would be grateful if they could point it out, thanks)

3. Would i have to change my phones settings from what it uses now with GPRS, to benefit from a faster speed in a 3G enabled area of the uk, or would it use the same ones or even change automatically?

4. Who in your opinion is currently offering the best 3G internet deal that i could use with my phone, and with the widest range of access in the uk? It does not have to be a big brand, any reliable one you have experience of using and can mention i would be grateful.

Thanks very much

  Strawballs 10:31 24 Mar 2009

I can't comment on the technical questions but my 2 sons use different networks and a friend uses a 3rd, one son uses T mobile and says that is is quite reliable and has good coverage my other son uses 3 and is always complaining about it's speed and connection problems and the friend uses orange on a tower (they have no LL) so can't comment about coverage but they say they are very happy with it.
All 3 use what looks like an ordinary SIM card.

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