3D vision with poor eyesight

  frybluff 08:07 20 Feb 2012

Has anyone any experience of using 3D viewing glasses in conjunction with corrective glasses?

I have found only one manufacturer that mentions their 3D glasses can be used WITH ordinary glasses, and then only in vague terms. As I wear varifocals, and the presciption is different for each eye, I do wonder if I will even be able to use 3D.

  natdoor 09:08 20 Feb 2012

I have no personal experience but I do not see why 3D glasses cannot be worn over spectacles. One type merely acts as a couple of shutters which open and close in synchronism with the display so that each eye sees the appropriate image. Many stores will have systems on display for one to try so perhaps you could conduct your own test. If this is inconvenient due to your location, I am sure someone on the forum will have a try for you.

  Scillonia 09:30 20 Feb 2012

I had same issue and opted for contact lenses for watching 3D. Trying to ware the 3D glasses over normal one just isn't comfortable or practicably

  heymin 10:43 20 Feb 2012

Hi, both my wife and myself wear glasses and we have not found any problem wearing the 3D glasses over them. This is on a Sony system. I'm sure any local retailer would be happy to let you try them.

  tigertop2 13:55 20 Feb 2012

I use the Nividia 3D glasses. No problem with them at all when I wear varifocals or reading glasses

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