£37.99 for a BIOS Upgrade?

  Templar1961 14:24 17 Mar 2003

I have a problem with my PC that I believe requires a BIOS upgrade to fix (for details of the problem click here).

I called Packard Bell for Technical Support and was directed to the BIOS manufacturers website, American Megatrends Inc. I input details of my BIOS and today received an email directing me to click here or click here where I find BIOS upgrade that costs £37.99. Has anyone used these companies or heard of them?

Basically there is a compatibility issue between the supplied BIOS and the supplied operating system, Windows XP home edition.

Bearing in mind the problem with my system has existed ever since I purchased it from PC World should I have to pay for a BIOS upgrade?

  Forum Editor 14:29 17 Mar 2003

you should not have to pay - if the operating system was preinstalled when you bought the machine it should work from day one, and if it didn't you are entitled to return the machine so the problem can be corrected - at PC World's expense.

Having said that,it would help to know the prcise nature of this 'incompatibility issue' with Windows XP, and perhaps you could provide more detail?

  Templar1961 14:39 17 Mar 2003

Basically the incomaptibility issue is a failure to resume from standby - this began as 'Helproom' issue click here

I thought I had exhausted all possibilities of finding a solution, and was surprised to receive the email this morning, trying to sell me an upgrade.

I didn't mean to cross post, but it seems to a ConsumerWatch issue now? I have contacted Packard Bell, but they seem unwilling and/or unable to address this issue!

  davidg_richmond 14:39 17 Mar 2003

Whats the details on your purchase? when did you buy it? under law the system would be classed as having a minor defect (I wonder what the law says about Windows!). The retailer (not Packard Bell) would be liable for a fault that exists at time of purchase for up to 6 years. You cannot necessarily reject the goods for a refund after a reasonable amount of time (normally 28 days, but arguable as to what is 'reasonable') but you can have them repair the product or request compensation.

click here

  Templar1961 15:05 17 Mar 2003

The purchase date is December 2001, but as your Trading Standards advice leaflet on computers states: They are complex pieces of machinery and it can often take a little time for a fault to become apparent. Furthermore I have been trying to find the solution to this problem for some time, and it was only when I saw Microsoft's website on I/O Ports Blocked from BIOS AML on Windows XP click here (Last Updated: January 16, 2003) that I really got to understanding what was wrong. The telephone technical support line have told me previously to download a BIOS update from Packard Bell's website (which I have done, but the problem remains).

This has left me uncertain of who is responsible to fix the problem - Packard Bell or PC World? I believe my computer has 'a minor defect' and is not 'fit for its purpose and as described' - however I am unsure of how to proceed?

  Stuartli 15:13 17 Mar 2003

Some American websites are now charging for various upgrades, patches etc, but it should not apply in the UK.

The words take, running and jump come to mind initially but it would seem that PC World, as the retailer, has to put the matter right under consumer law.

  Templar1961 15:24 17 Mar 2003

I am concerned at how PC World may attempt to put the matter right!

If Packard Bell as manufacturers don't have a solution I am concerned that PC World may try fitting another motherboard perhaps? Am I entitled to know what they propose do, rather than just return my PC?

At present everything else works OK on my PC - plus I don't wish to be without it for more than one day. It looks as though I am going to have to approach PC World and see what they offer to do? However I am of the opinion that every other Packard Bell imedia 5206 model is likely to suffer from the same problem?

  Templar1961 19:51 17 Mar 2003

Are PC World liable to pay for the BIOS upgrade I believe my PC requires to correct its 'minor defect'? (Below is an extract from the email I received)

We are the UK and European authorised distributors for the Unicore Award /AMI Bios Upgrade. This Bios upgrade is not available from anyone else, the Unicore Bios has been built from the ground up at Computer code level and has many more features than what is available from your motherboard manufacturer.

The additional features on offer are:
Additional Storage capabilities
Improved Power Management
Enhanced Plug & Play features
Added support for Windows 2K / XP
Boost the Performance of your PC

From your last post, if this company has built the Bios update itself, and independantly from the motherboard/Bios Manufacturer, then I cant see why they cant charge for it.

Onthe other hand, if it is a Ami Bios update then no, it should be free to all!

  Templar1961 20:40 17 Mar 2003

I believe I am entitled to a free update!

I went to the AMI website looking for a BIOS update, as directed by PC World's telephone technical support. There I followed the instructions: click here "Simply click on the BIOS Agent to have it tell you your BIOS ID string. The BIOS Agent will identify the BIOS on your system and provide you with all of the information that you will need to order your new BIOS. Click on the SUBMIT button after you get your results and you will receive a call or email response back from a technical sales representative within 24-48 hours."

My system has had a problem since I bought it from PC World - I have been seeking the solution for some time now. I have been passed around thru' AMI, MSI and Packard Bell. The technical support operator I last spoke to told me to go to Trading Standards!

  DieSse 23:50 17 Mar 2003

I fully agree - but not from an independant company who happens to supply a fix for the problem you have (Smiffy99's point).

You should be beating on the door of PC World now - it's very clearly their and their alone responsibility.

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