£350 Laptop

  Elf123 18:15 07 Feb 2008

Can anybody recommend the best laptop for under £350? Preferably dual core, Vista premium and 1gb+ RAM. Mainly will be used for entertainment and work, not too bothered about games.

Any help appreciated!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:45 07 Feb 2008

click here iis the one that I would go for.


  GaT7 19:04 07 Feb 2008

Best is possibly this £349 Acer Aspire 7520 17" Gemstone Laptop click here, if you don't mind the size. Reviews when it was £50 more: click here, click here, click here (user).

I think Gandalf means this Dell Inspiron 1525 for £359 click here.

Also consider this £348 Toshiba L40 15.4" click here.

If any of the laptops have a spare RAM slot, boost performance for only £13 with a 1Gb upgrade click here. G

  Elf123 19:34 07 Feb 2008

Wow, look good, thanks. What do you mean "If you don't mind the size", is it big for a laptop?

Also how would you consider this in comparison to the Acer: click here



  Totally-braindead 20:05 07 Feb 2008

Assuming you get Vista I would get at least 2 gig or make sure theres a slot free so you can add more. Vista can run really slowly if it has less than a gig and most laptops use some of the system ram meaning you do end up having less than 1 gig system ram.
As long as theres a slot free for upgrading theres no problem and as said by Crossbow7 RAM is cheap enough.

  GaT7 20:48 07 Feb 2008

I can now confirm that the Acer 17" has both RAM slots filled so you'll have to make do with 1.5Gb for £13, or 2Gb for £26 (& hope to recover a little by the sale of the 1 or 2 512Mb modules on eBay).

The Fujitsu one you linked to is OK, but a smaller screen size (let's hope they don't also suffer from this click here!!).

What do you mean "If you don't mind the size", is it big for a laptop? - If you can, visit PCWorld/Curry's/etc store & have a look at a few 17" laptops for size/weight & compare them with 15" ones. Of course, the smaller+lighter the laptop the more portable it becomes.

Do you have much experience with Vista? I much prefer XP to it. Some of Dell's laptops (especially in the Business section click here) come with the option of XP Home at no additional cost. G

  GaT7 20:57 07 Feb 2008

If you buy the Fujitsu from Tesco click here (at the same price as Dabs btw) you get clubcard points too.

If you're a Quidco (cashback site) member:
Tesco: click here
Dabs: click here


  GaT7 22:02 07 Feb 2008

Actually Gandalf could have meant this Dell 1500 for £351.33 delivered click here - it comes to this price when you add it to your basket. This has the best CPU of all the ones mentioned so far, & has a choice of Vista Business (or XP Pro at no extra cost).

Get 5% Quidco/Dell cashback click here, which is around £15. Put this towards buying more RAM. G

P.S. If you have no idea about Quidco or cashback sites just ask, or look at click here & click here

Basic differences in Vista versions click here

  Elf123 16:03 08 Feb 2008

So would you say the Dell 1500 is probably the best value of them all? And what OS would you recommend?

  GaT7 23:02 08 Feb 2008

I think the Acer is the best value. You'll have to add more memory - any Vista laptop with 1Gb or less will mostly need this.

OS is entirely on personal preference, how responsive you want it to be & features (though some of the latter can be added/are available for free). Vista (especially Premium & above) looks prettier & better laid out with more features, but XP is quicker without the frills. If you've had experience of both on a similar spec PC/laptop you'll know what I mean. If it's for work, V-Business may be the most suitable? Ask your colleagues. For entertainment V-Premium will be more suitable. I'd choose XP over Vista any day, unless I absolutely required Vista. G

  GaT7 20:41 09 Feb 2008

This Dell 17" laptop, with an Intel C2D processor & 2Gb is arguably the best deal for the money (Vista only though) - £363 or £348 with £15-16 Quidco cashback. A bit long-winded procedure to get it for under £350, so bear with me.....

1. Click on the 'Click here to visit this merchant & earn cashback' link at click here AFTER registered & logged-in at Quidco (make sure all cookies are enabled in your browser - if you have SpywareBlaster or similar cookie-blocking software, disable it, or your transaction may not get tracked)

2. Search for N0217002 at the Dell webpage (at top right) that opens through the above link only

3. Make the following changes to the spec:
- Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T5270
- 1Yr Basic Warranty
- 2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM
This will take it to £423 incl VAT & delivery

4. Go all the way to adding it to your basket to get it for the £363 price (it takes £60 delivery off) & purchase it - screenshot click here.

It's fine if you don't purchase the first few times you visit this Dell laptop webpage, but follow the entire procedure above (except registering again at Quidco!) when you DO purchase. Also, remember to clear your browser cookies before clicking on the Dell link at Quidco, to ensure it tracks properly.

Note that the offer isn't likely to last too long. G

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